Why Do We Lose Friends?


Friendship is a very important stage of human life. Humans, as they grow, need a person or a soul to share things, someone who listens to them and calms them down, who does not judge them. 

Friends are the people whom we trust the most. When faraway from home, they become our family. No matter how old we get we need a friend to share our feelings. Sometimes, our group resonates, our character and behaviour. The choices of whom to make friends and whom to not is always ours. 

“Better to be alone than in a bad company.” is a quote well said. A bad friend can not only defame us but can bring us in great trouble. So, who you make your best friend is always your choice, but choose wisely.

Losing friends is the hardest part of human life. We always lose friends, in childhood our Mother is our only friend, but as we grow we make new friends of our age. We have different perspectives towards a particular topic still our friendship doesn’t get affected. 

We basically lose friends either with the loss of communication or the loss of trust. In both ways loss is irreplaceable. We never get the same friend twice. All our friends are different, they are not the same, and we cannot mix them, and losing any one of them disbalances our life. 

Sometimes, we trust a person so much but s/he betrays, betrayals are the worst kind of setbacks given to a person. They are so depressing and so harsh. You actually feel someone stabbing your back, that kind of loss takes a lot of time to become stable. You start suspecting everyone, in such cases, people also stop talking and sharing feelings. The effect is so deep and cruel that people change and may become rude or arrogant. 

In other cases, some miscommunication can lead to some serious fight, resulting in broken friendships. Ego generally breaks such friendships. When no one wants to save the bond it generally ends up like that. The ego builds a steep wall amidst the two friends and then everything just gets ruined up.

Some friends we lose while transferring from place to place. Lack of communication eradicates those friendships. We cannot be a part of their life anymore. No matter how close. These may weaken your bond but if you are truly friends, it might never break.

Not every friend we lose is worth our tears. Some toxic friends who affect our behaviour with our family should be removed. They not only harm our relations with our parents but also our mind. They can be poisonous and fatal to our creativity. They might make you feel suffocated. Their presence may make you feel insecure. If a friend is affecting your peace of mind they should be removed from your life as soon as possible. 

Make friends but don’t make too much, too much friendship is also injurious to health. Too much of anything isn’t good. Make few friends but be at the best terms with them. Make friends who help you see your flaws and help you cope up with them. Even if they tease you, they give you their hand when you need them. When you tell them something they help you get it sorted out. They make you laugh and smile. That’s what friendship is about, supporting each other and not judging each other. True friends are inseparable and true friendships last forever.