Upload Amazon Series Review – Greg Daniel’s afterlife world is cool


What will be your reaction if you got to chose from a list of afterlives or heavens after your death? Isn’t that a great futuristic idea about the evolution of humanity. Well, I have recently watched this series on Amazon Prime Video called “ Upload ”created by Greg Daniels.

Upload was released on Amazon Prime Video for streaming on May 1,2020 and with a great response from the critics, It was soon renewed for a new season later the same month.

Credit : Amazon Originals

Upload is basically a future world series set in around 2033 where there are self driving cars owned and run by Google. The world’s a little bit changed as it is now and technology has developed to preserve lives after death and humans are made to choose between a list of options available to them as heavens based on their affordability.

Upload is a Sci Fi comedy plus a little mix of suspence and thriller towards the end. Besides witty writings, Upload really manages to establish itself as a binge watch show with an ImDb rating of 8.1 by the time this review is being written. It also has a 94% Google ratings.

The centered character is Nathan Brown who ran into an accident and because of his vitals going down, his rich girlfriend reserves one of the most expensive afterlife simulation for him. So, he is dead for the world but is in a simulation to keep him alive. His memory is preserved on a hard drive.

The show revolves around him exploring the afterlife with some funny sequences and a thrilling question which asks if he was murdered intentionally. His tech support girl is “ Nora ” who falls in love with him and help him throughout the series.

The direction carried out with a single camera setup is great as well as the visual effects for a TV series. Robbie Amell as Nathan Brown did a pretty good job along with Andy Allo as Nora Antony. The one shining actor in this series should be Allegra Edwards as Ingrid Kannerman who is Nathan’s girlfriend from real living world. Her acting is fantastic among all the cast in the series. She killed it as a possesive psycho girlfriend.

The concept and world building meaning the writing part of this series is actually great. If there was not suspence and thriller added to it, it would have failed as a show.