Tumbbad Film Review – Visually Striking Indian Mythological Horror!


Tumbbad is a must watch Indian masterpiece which initially took a lot of years to get completed. The initial production started with Nawazuddin Siddiqui in the lead role in 2008 but the companies backed out. Sohum Shah joined the cast in 2012 and worked on maintaining his physique for nearly 6 years as the film was shot in.

Tumbbad was released on 12 October 2018 and is distributed by Eros International with production companies including Color Yellow films, Filmgate films and Sohum Shah films. The film is a mythological horror thriller written by Barve, Prasad, Mitesh Shah and Anand Gandhi.

Tumbbad is directed by Rahil Anil Barve and cinematographed by Pankaj Kumar. The direction is superb in the first half and goes towards an unexpected and gripping climax towards the second half. The cinematography is beautifully performed by Pankaj Kumar. The editing of the film has been done by Sanyukta Kaza which is impressive.

The key elements which make this film a great peace of horror is not horror but the tension that it creates each time Vinayak ( Sohum Shah ) goes into the well of the treasure. The score , visuals and set design are the most signifying piece of work in this greed based horror.

The film’s first half goes slow and incomplete but when reach the second half you began to understand everything. The film’s theme is greed which curses everyone who posseses it. The greedy grandmother of Vinayak, his friend Raghav Ji and he himself are gone to hell for their greed. Vinayak’s son understands this and leaves the treasures.

The acting performances from Sohum Shah to Mohammed Samad are spectacular. Sohum Shah in Vinayak’s role is a not to miss character. He is bad , greedy but still courageous and brave enough to risk his life.

Tumbbad is the story of a village with a same name which has been cursed because of worshipping Hastar, the godess of Earth’s first born. He was cursed by the other gods with a treasure in a well in Tumbbad. The main lead Vinayak is a greedy man who cannot refuse to go into the well and eventually suffer his deeds in the end.

The film received a total of 8 nominations in the Filmfare awards and grossed $1.9 million US dollars from a budget of $700,000 US dollars making it a profitable venture. In 2018, Sohum Shah announced that he was working on a sequel for Tumbbad. The film can to be released sometime soon. Meanwhile, you can watch Tumbbad on Amazon Prime Video.


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