Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson infected with Coronavirus!


Legendary and Oscar Nominated Actor Tom Hanks has announced that he and his wife Rita Wilson both have been tested and found positive for Covid-19 aka Coronavirus recently in Australia.The actor recently turned to his Instagram and Twitter followers saying he is to be isolated along with other coronavirus patients.

Since the spread of Covid-19(Coronavirus) , hundreds of thousands of people have been found infected while thousands have lost their lives.

Coronavirus has impacted the Hollywood industry very much till now as Daniel Craig’s much hyped “No Time to Die” was delayed regarding market risks from coronavirus spread.

Also Peter Rabbit 2 has been delayed because of the virus’ spread and now it’s one of the most famous as well as respected actors in hollywood i.e. Forrest Gump fame Tom hanks.

Uptil now much of the biggest movie releases still are non – delayed like Black Widow , Wonder Woman or Fast 9 but reports have said that the production of Falcon and the Winter Soldier has been delayed due to crowd gathering.


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