Tom Cruise is the only actor who has performed most of the dangerous stunts in recent years whether it is going the top of the tallest building in the world in Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol or strapping himself to the side of an airplane in Mission Impossible Rogue Nation and doing a sky diving stunt in Mission Impossible Fallout. And Now, The Actor is in talks with Elon Musk and NASA to film a new action adventure film in outer space.

Tom’s next Mission Impossible films 7&8 are going to be equipped with dangerous sequences but the upcoming project will not be a Mission Impossible project. It will be a different movie franchise.

Tom Cruise is working with Elon Musk’s SpaceX program to achieve his next stunt. This move can dramatically become a big selling point for the marketing team and will draw audiences from all over the world to see how the filmmakers achieved the stunt.

There hasn’t been any name connected to the project and we don’t know which studio will buy the project and move forward. The names of any cast members or writer-director hasn’t been finalized yet.


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