Tokyo Ravens Season 2 : Will There Be Tokyo Raven Season 2?


Tokyo Raven is a Japanese Adaptation of the light novel written by Kohie Azano. The Manga series was directed by Takaomi Kanasaki and it was a good adaptation after all. Tokyo Ravens fans are excited for Tokyo Raven Season 2 Release and when will it arrive?

Why No Tokyo Raven Season 2?

The anime series is mainly used in order to promote the volumes of light novel series and to bring more and more sales to the publishers. Till now, the series has not got any sequel because of the not so expected increase in sales. We may get a sequel if the remaining novels produce enough profit to the publishers and distributors

Plot of Tokyo Ravens Season 2

The story is about a ritual that is performed in Japan in order to save it from the entry of demons and other evil force. One time, the ritual goes wrong and everything changes. The main lead of the series is born in the family of the people who are born with superpowers but not the main character.

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