TikTok Vs YouTube – Vote For Your Side Now!


It’s already been nearly a month since the trending Tiktok vs YouTube war started. The controversy was started by Indian YouTuber Elvish Yadav who roasted some tiktokers on his vlog channel to which a famous Tiktoker Amir Siddiqui made a video. He claimed that Elvish did bodyshaming and bullying Indian Tiktok girls.

To reply Amir Siddiqui , Many Indian YouTube roasters came forward and roasted him. Amir didn’t responded to any of them until one day he challenged the biggest Indian roaster to make roast on him. He asked for answers from Carryminati to which he replied in just few hours by making a video on him.

Carryminati’s video broke the internet with memers everywhere trolling tiktokers. The video became the most liked non music video in India on YouTube. Soon after, offended Tiktokers reported Carry’s video for bullying Amir Siddiqui. Carryminati’s video was taken down. He also clarifies his words in a recent video.

This controversy is one of the biggest meme trends in India and probably the world. There’s a debate going on everywhere who is the best? YouTuber or a Tiktoker?

So here, We have started a poll on our website to check Who is the real content King here? YouTube or Tiktok? So what are you waiting for Vote for your team and Share to As Much Friends as You Can to make your team win this voting.

What do you think?