TikTok vs YouTube: The Rant Going On &amp ; The Concern of the Indian Youth for the Country!


You might have an encounter with the topic TikTok vs Youtube in your feed. Currently, it is the most viral topic at the moment. All social media platforms are talking and discussing this topic. However, YouTube has got the majority while TikTok is lagging behind. All meme pages, fan pages, youtubers and their followers are roasting TikTok at their own levels. This all started when a youtuber named Elvish Yadav roasted some of the Tiktokers who are actually followed by a wide audience. So, a TikToker named Amir Siddiqui got triggered and he made a video, which was given a lot of hate responses from his own followers as well as people who do not know him. He was trolled by many meme pages and other youtubers as a result, he deleted his video. The video trolled youtubers by calling the roasters, as cringe content makers and many other stuff like they copy each other, they do body shaming, they take videos without the TikTokers consent, etcetera. 

The topic got more media limelight when youtubers gave reply, some even roasted the app more substandardly than their previous videos. The topic even went outside our country to Pakistan and youtubers like Ducky Bhai and Raza Samo too gave a reply. Amir Siddiqui was trolled by many meme pages. His memes went viral all around the social media. The topic started trending when the most famous teenager roaster Carry Minati also known as Ajey Negar posted his ‘TikTok vs YouTube The End’. The video was record breaking and it crossed 10 million likes and over 70 million views. The video was about to become the most watched video on YouTube but YouTube deleted his video. The fans and other youtubers were really disappointed. The fans went anguish and started posting hashtags like #justiceforcarryminati #bringbackcarrysvideo #carryminati. The hashtags came in the trending list of twitter. The three most trending hashtags were of Carry Minati. However, YouTube has still not taken any measures in the context.

Why was Carry’s video deleted?

TikTok vs YouTube: The Rant Going On &amp ; The Concern of the Indian Youth for the Country!

The question arises automatically why was his video deleted when it was so viral. Moreover, it was not even on the trending list! The video was not trending because it had abusive languages in it. Although the fans loved Carry’s video, it had a lot of abusive content in it. Moreover, it was more about a cyber bullying video than a roast. Carry Minati has been posting videos from a very young age of 15. He has been posting roast videos which actually entertain you. That’s the reason he is the most famous YouTube Roaster but the latest video which he posted and got deleted is because he has only overloaded it with a lot of abusive content, moreover, he called Amir Siddiqui as beti(daughter) in his video. Since Amir Siddiqui is a male, calling him beti(daughter) means he belongs to a transgender community which is an insult to all the transgenders as according to him being a transgender brings you shame. The LGBT community is targeted by such videos as they all call Tiktokers as meetha(gay) which indirectly gives the message that being a gay brings you shame. 

The transgender community has struggled a lot for their rights and such videos make them feel humiliated. They are humans like us and they are part of our society. If someone insults them and makes fun of them, we should not support them. Moreover, when Carry’s video got deleted a meme page posted a meme saying, “Carry’s video got deleted waqai inki baddua mei asar hota hai”(meaning the Transgender community’s prayer are actually heard by God). These kinds of memes actually insult a particular community. They target LGBT as a whole and comment on their sexuality. They are actually poking fun at them by saying such things. The most disheartening part is that they are being supported by their followers on such memes and posts and even videos.

The Concern of the Youth

This shows how irresponsible the youth is! They are so worried about a video which is actually insulting the LGBT community that they don’t care about the crisis being faced by the country. The recent news about the migrant workers aren’t of much concern as they are not rich and they are not on TikTok. They are not worried about the crisis being faced by our economy. They are also not worried about the Covid 19 . All that matters is just that Carry’s video got deleted and it has so many views. 

TikTok vs YouTube: The Rant Going On &amp ; The Concern of the Indian Youth for the Country!

The migrant workers who are unable to go home aren’t much of a concern. The workers aren’t important as they are not rich. Moreover, they do not entertain you and make TikTok or YouTube videos like that. Not only this but also it spreads hatred and negativity against the LGBT community. This portrays that today’s youth cannot accept them as a part of our society. Where films like ‘Shubh Mangal zyada Savdhann’ are supported more widely by the youth of the country, this kind of support to a YouTube video shows double standards and hypocrisy of the youth regarding their thoughts and supports. 

LGBT Community

The Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender community is a group formed by them. This community is united by a common culture and social movements. Their objective is to remove homophobia, hetrosexism, transphobia, biphobia, sexualism and conformist pressures in our society. They are constantly working and asking for their acceptance like other genders in our society. They belong to our society and they are a part of it like any other gender but they have been deprived of it just because they are different from us.

More Concern Topics

There are more concerning topics which should be on trending rather than this rant of YouTube vs TikTok. The topics which are related to women empowerment or the increasing rapes in our country or the education or the migrant workers or the decline in our economy or the increasing unemployment or the online education and many more. But our youth is stuck in insulting each other. They don’t care about the feelings of the LGBT community and support of such videos shows that they regard them as an alien. They are fighting for their rights and such videos can demotivate them and make them feel inferior.

The youth decides where the country goes. Whether it progresses or demolishes, it’s the youth who decides that. Don’t get carried away by the trend rather apply your brains and act accordingly. Your concern makes the things work as you want. Support things which does not make another person or community an alien. LGBT are humans too and they deserve a respectful life so don’t make them feel humiliated. 

What do you think?