Thor 4 : Love and Thunder Cast, Release Date and Details Not To Miss!


In July 2019 , Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige announced the title of the upcoming Thor 4 Movie as ” Thor : Love and Thunder “. Taika Waititi is taking back the charge once again. Jennifer Kaytin Robinson is hired to write the script alongside Waititi.

Thor 4 : Love and Thunder Release Date

The film was set to release on November 5 2021 but later due to delay in shoots because of Coronavirus pandemic and Black Widow being shifted , Thor 4 was delayed for a few months. The new release date is February 11, 2022. Thor 4 will be the fourth film in Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase four.

All the MCU release dates have been shifted due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Earlier, the shooting for Thor 4 was to start with Chris Hemsworth in March 2020.

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Thor 4 Love and Thunder Cast

Chris Hemsworth is going to suit up again as the God of thunder in Thor 4. Tessa Thompson will revive her bisexual character role as Valkyrie.

Along With these two , Taika Waititi surprised everyone by bringing Natalie Portman on stage with a hammer and he said she is definitely going to play female Thor this time.

Director Taika Waititi is going to voice the character of Korg again.

A New Addition to the cast was announced recently by Tessa Thompson and he is none other than Batman star Christian Bale who is going to play villain in the film. It’s not final but he is said to be playing Gorr.

It is also possible to see the Guardians of the Galaxy characters in the film.

Thor 4 Expected storyline

Anything related to the plot hasn’t been leaked from the makers yet but there are some rumours. Jane Foster can be seen with her breast cancer storyline. She is going to be the Godess of Thunder. She was last seen in 2013’s ” Thor: The Dark World “.

Thor 4 : Love and Thunder Cast, Release Date and Details Not To Miss!
Natalie Portman at San Diego , Comic Con

In his last MCU appearance, Thor was seen departing Earth with the Guardians of the Galaxy team in their spaceship. He left the throne of New Asgard with Valkyrie.

Valkyrie can also be seen exposing her long controversial sexuality in comics. Her scene where a woman walks out from her room was cut in the final version of “Thor: Ragnarok”.