The Perfection Netflix Film Review


The Perfection is a 2019 psychological thriller film directed by Richard Shepard written by Shepard, Nicole Snyder and Eric Charmelo. The beautiful music has been composed by Paul Haslinger.

The film is a revenge driven horror drama which consists of twists and turns but sometimes they seem pretty too much foolish. The film stars Allison Williams and Logan Browning in the lead role who are two expert cellists. They were trained at the Bachoff academy run by Anton.

The direction as well as cinematography is beautiful. Allison Williams shines as Charlotte who is a lady full of revenge for what happened to her over a decade ago. She wants to save Lizzie ( Logan Browning ) from what happened to her.

The film’s plot is good but what seems undigestable is that to stop Lizzie , Charlotte makes her cut off her hand. That might not have been the only way to stop her. Anything could have been possible instead of cutting her hand.

Lizzie and Charlotte meet after a decade in Bachoff where they fell in love. The both go on a vacation where Lizzie becomes sick of hallucinations of bugs inside her hand. The film is filled with disgusting scenes and we don’t recommend to watch it while eating your food.

Although, if you survive till the very end you will say that the film was good else wise. The film is overall a good piece of work besides at some point, the plot seems ridiculous. If you like films that are horrific without the ghosts and all, you can give it a watch and judge for yourself.

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