The Invisible Guest Spanish Film Review : A Must Watch Thriller


The Invisible Guest originally released with the Spanish title Contratiempo on January 6, 2017. The Invisible Guest is directed by Oriol Paulo and his second film after The Body which was released in 2012.

The Invisible Guest is a mystery thriller by one of the darkest writer director from Spanish film industry Oriol Paulo. The Invisible Guest has three official remakes of it precisely in Italian , Hindi and Tamil film industry. The film was a commercial success at the box office.

The Invisible Guest Official Trailer
  • Overall  : 8 /10
  • Bananas for acting : 8/10
  • Bananas for Direction : 8/10
  • Bananas for Story : 9/10
  • Bananas for Screenplay & Cinematography : 8/10
  • Bananas for Music : 8/10
  • Bananas for Hype : 8/10
  • Bananas for Commercial Performance : 9/10

The plot of the film is about a successful business who is cheating his wife and goes to meet his lover in a hotel room and someone attacks him. When he wakes up , he finds himself caught in a trap that will lead him into jail. A defense lawyer comes to listen his side of the story and help him throughout.

The direction of The Invisible Guest is dark yet intriguing and holds you to the hook of the film. Since the starting of the very first frame, you’ll gues that this is going to be a perfect weekend thriller movie and after just 15 minutes, The Invisible Guest stands 100% true to the assumptions.

The film’s starting is so good that you are hooked to the story from the starting and you start finding answers to the questions that fill up your mind. Orion Paulo is worthy of a good round of applause for his approach in starting and ending his films. Just expected from him , the climax of the film is a beautiful disaster that turns up every story in the film wrong and a waste of time – but you always know that it was not actually a waste. You will feel about the film long after it ends and all credit goes to the hard working cast and crew of the film including the music work.

The acting performances in The Invisible Guest are amazing. Mario Casas as Adrián Doria acts wisely throughout his screentime. More applauding performance is given by Blanca Martínez for playing Virginia Goodman. Bárbara Lennie is gorgeous and has given a splendid performance as Laura Vidal.

The music given by Fernando Velázquez is a charming piece which really teases the emotions of the viewer. The Invisible Guest is cinematographed by Xavi Jiménez and edited by Jaume Martí. It is distributed worldwide by Warner Bros Pictures and now is available on Netflix sadly without any english dub but you can work out with the subtitles.

The Invisible Guest is a must watch for those who love thriller, suspence , mystery , drama and twisted plot movies. If you have already watched this then you might wanna checkout the review of this director’s other work i.e. Spanish film Mirage.

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