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Equipped with amazing cinematography and perfect storytelling , “The Hunters” is an American Web television series which premiered on Amazon prime video on February 21,2020.

The show is action packed – containing some comical sequences and jokes and not to forget one of the best Al Pacino’s acting performance ever. ” The Hunters ” Amazon Prime series has been created by David Weil and and the theme music has been composed by Trevor Gureckishich which really sounds so much attractive that you don’t even miss the intro in every single episode.

The Hunters  on Amazon Prime Overall Review

The show’s strong point is the theme that it has been written upon – Nazis Vs the Jews even after the World War ended.The show’s direction is good + the screenplay and the music.

The Acting performances delivered by Greg Austin ( Character : Travis Leich ) is fabulous and remarkable as well.Besides him, Logan Lerman as Jonah looked like he has lived the character of the Jewish boy but when we researched – he is , in reality born into a Jewish family that’s why he is so good at it.Al Pacino along with other actors in the Amazon Prime Video series quite worked well in their respective characters.

  • Overall : 8/10
  • Bananas for acting : 8/10
  • Bananas for Direction : 9/10
  • Bananas for Story : 9/10
  • Bananas for Screenplay & Cinematography : 9/10
  • Bananas for Music : 8/10
  • Bananas for Series Hype : 8/10

Who will love to watch The Hunters Series ?

If you have a taste into Crime drama , action thriller , war based , and of course Series’ with a Big Twist towards the end , you are definitely going to like The Hunters on Amazon Prime Video.

The Hunters on Amazon Prime Cast

You can find the Episode wise review for “The Hunters Amazon Prime” TV Series Below.

The Hunters Amazon Prime Episode 1 Review

The first episode of ” The Hunters ” works well in introducing all the major characters of the show including Greg Austin’s fantabulous performance as Travis Leich, a Nazi acolyte drawn into the Fourth Reich – he has proved his acting abilities by playing the villainous role. We are introduced to each and every member of The Hunters’ team and some of the back story of Jonah’s grandmother. One of the best thing in the Episode One of ” The Hunters ” are the amazing shots that have been captured into the camera and edited so perfectly.

The Hunters Amazon Prime Episode 2 Review

In the second episode of ” The Hunters ” , we are introduced to the killing of the second Nazi War Criminal by the team of ” The Hunters “. The second episode moves the story forward very well but the thing I missed in this episode is the cinematic shots that I got to see in the first episode – the cinematography and the screenplay both were not as much good as the first episode but they are okay.

We have got to know by far that there are two parallel stories going on i.e. the hunting of the Nazi war criminals by the Hunters and the second one is Operation Paperclip which involves the the movement of German scientists ( Many were Nazis ) to the US.

The Hunters Amazon Prime Episode 3 Review

The third episode contains scenes way more horrific than the previous episodes. ” The Hunters ” hunt their first Target with Jonah in their team where , due to Jonah’s silly mistake the target gets killed ( he was needed as a lead ).We come to know about the coded signals that were being transmitted to someone from the target’s home  which are decoded by the team.

They find out that something is going to happen on July 13 , 1977 . Another thing that goes wrong is Jonah loses his bestfriend Bootyhole who gets shot by Travis came to kill Jonah .The loss of his friend makes him way more angry and gives him a reason to be in ” The Hunters “.

The direction is good in this episode along with the screenplay – the last few minutes are super intense and the shots are amazing.Music is also good.I am hyped to see what’s going to happen next!

The Hunters Amazon Prime Episode 4 Review

Travis has reached Jonah’s house and is waiting for the opportunity to kill him meanwhile Jonah and Meyer Offerman along with other team members are looking what the key to the most secret bank holds in locker number 630.Later , we see that the bank holds the loot from millions of Jews during the War beneath their bank’s ground.Meyer comes to learn about Wilhelm Zuchs aka “The Wolf ” who tormented both Meyer and Jonah’s grandmother Ruth during the camps.

The story has developed and is taking shape to a whole new level specially how we come to know about Doctor Wilhelm Zuchs who plays the main antagonist in the series , I think so , Uptil now because he is being referred to be on the top of “The Hunters” list.The direction as well as screenplay are the key good points in this episode.

The Hunters Amazon Prime Episode 5 Review

This episode is full of shootouts and attacks.The one character which has turned rogue in this episode is Sister Harriet and we don’t know why! The direction is pretty good and the shootout sequences have been shot amazingly.The songs have been chosen very wisely and fits in.

It also seems like we have reached the Interval because we get to see something very odd done by Meyer(Al Pacino) which was not expected from his character.He shot a target without even confirming if it was her or not.

The Hunters Amazon Prime Episode 6 Review

Lots of merry and joy going around – since it’s the wedding of Mindy and Murray’s daughter.Sister Harriet’s backstory is revealed in this episode.Meanwhile Travis has reached Meyer’s Villa and burnt his library of information ( about Nazis ) to ashes.

Background score is not up to the expectations in this one and the episode has been made to deliver a light hearted sequence – maybe to prepare the audience for what’s coming next!

The Hunters Amazon Prime Episode 7 Review

This was the most high budget kinda episode because this is all the story was set up for, Uptil now.The date is July 13 and there are two blasts in the city and the city is experiencing the blackout of New York City.

The storyline and the screenplay are both strong.Meyer has been caught by FBI and Murray gets killed in one of the blasts.One of the most crazy characters , Lonny flash is also hit with a knife from Travis.This episode is well carried out.

The Hunters Amazon Prime Episode 8 Review

Emotional , fast and moving towards the Ghost , Episode is connecting every dots and parallel stories towards each other – towards the same goal i.e. the pathogen ( biological explosion ) .
This episode contains scenes of Mindy and Murray which will make you emotional or at most weep when Mindy sees Murray in her imagination along with her dead son Aaron.

The Hunters Amazon Prime Episode 9 Review

This episode is full of action and the-so-expected-breaking into the factory and bombing the whole factory to ashes.The ending , however , looked quite suspected when Meyer Offerman’s shot and he , along , with The Colonel go into the river.

The action , direction , music was good except some stupid scenes which go very very unexpected from the Protagonist Jonah who stops from killing Travis – the deadly antagonist who killed like 20 to 30 people just in the episodes.The morals from Officer Morris come by to stop him which seems to be a bullshit because Jonah already killed people and now he stops from killing the main person behind his friend’s death? That seemed a kind of a loophole in the scripting.

The Hunters Amazon Prime Episode 10 Review

Basically the Season 1 ended right in Episode 9 , this season works as the building block for the Season 2 of ” The Hunters. ” But WAIT This Episode holds the most surprising and shocking thing in the whole season and I am not going to spoil that for you if you haven’t watched it yet.The main villain from the war theme The Wolf is found in this episode and it comes as a shocking surprise!


The Hunters team is now left with 4 of the original members and leaves us hyped for the second season of the show.The screenplay was good and perfect in this one and also the music.

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