The Duality of Indian Celebrities over George Floyed Incident


We all know about the recent incident which happened with the black man, George Floyd in America. He was killed due to police brutality. His last words,”I can’t breathe.” were tweeted by almost every Indian Celebrity. They all posted something or the other regarding #blacklivesmatter. I am very proud that, atleast, they have some guts for speaking against racism. Otherwise, we all know our celebrities usually portray silence as their answer to all the racism in our own lands!

This is not the first incident of police brutality and racism. They have silence for the people of their own country but can speak for other people. Our migrant workers and incidents happening with our people regarding their caste and religion is not that important.

This shows the dual mentality and double standards of our celebrities. Their voices are unheard in the times when their country needs them but they are loud and noisy for the other countries.

Celebrities are the influential people of our society and if they will show double standards then what will others do?

They were silent for migrant workers, for minorities, for poor people, for the injustice happening around then how are they aware now? How should we believe that they are not racists and they are truly against racism? If this is true that they are against racism then why did they never take the stand for the people of their own country?

Our celebrities can speak on rants going on but they can’t condemn the injustice happening inside our own home. Are they really so dumb or they pretend to be this dumb? 

For their own people they have no time, the people who made them what they are today have no value. We are just for film promotions and earning popularity and when they become popular they forget us! 

Almost every celebrity posted for Corona pandemic, no don’t think they care for you. They just did for their own public attention. If they would have cared for you then they would have done something for migrant workers. Some did help them but I am talking about the majority. Celebrities, like Sonu Sood, did a lot for us. Hindustani Bhau also distributed packages among the poor people. Salman Khan and Sharukh Khan also helped many people. There are some who donated in PM Care Fund. But there are some who never took the stand against the injustice. The majority is filled with dumbs and fools who don’t care for you.

They are writing for George Floyd to gain International attention so that the people of America say that wow Indian celebrities are so intelligent. They only want to gain popularity and support, nothing else than that!

Next time you go to watch any movie then just think what have they done for the people as a whole and if the answer satisfies you then go watch for their sake otherwise don’t, because they are the most selfish people around.