TENET release – Michael Cane about his role in TENET!


Christopher Nolan’s TENET is scheduled to release on July 17, 2020 in IMAX,35 mm and 70mm film.The film is produced by Emma Thomas and Christopher Nolan through their own production house Syncopy.TENET is written by Nolan and stars John David Washington , Robert Pattinson,Elizabeth Debicki and Dimple Kapadia with Michael Cane.

Actor Michael Cane recently opened up about his role in the movie TENET and told The Hindu about two things.First, he told them that the script of Nolan’s TENET was kept secret from even Cane – who is the only actor who has starred in most Nolan’s films and who is a lucky charm to Nolan.

Nolan has been working with Michael Cane since the release of Batman Begins in 2005 and since then, Cane has appeared in every Nolan film and also every film did a huge success at the box office.

Cane was called and was not given any kind of script but a few pages of his part in the film.He shot his part in almost a day and since then , He hasn’t heard a single word from Nolan.

The second thing that Cane said is that he is indeed the lucky bird for Christopher Nolan so he has to have him in every movie he directs.He said that He was called for giving a voice over in Dunkirk for which which he was credited in the movie titles.

TENET is being termed as “Nolan’s most ambitious film yet”.The film industry has been disturbed since the past few weeks due to cornavirus.Most of this year’s big budget movies have shifted their release dates including Universal Pictures’ ” Fast and Furious 9 ” which has been delayed by a year , Daniel Craig starred “No Time to die” and Emily Blunt’s “A Quite Place 2“.

According to sources TENET has a budget around $200 million which is a really big amount for Warner Bros. Pictures to risk for an origin story unless it is Christopher Nolan who has worked previously with the studios and earned them with too much profit.

TENET will be Nolan’s eleventh film and the sixth film to be shot in IMAX.Read more at filmybanana.com

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