Snowpiercer – Bong Joon Ho’s Masterpiece Review


Snowpiercer is one of the masterpiece films given by Bong Joon Ho starring Chris Evans and Song Kong Ho along with Ed Harris as Mr. Wilford – a billionaire who has made a locomotive train that saves all the humanity when the Earth is frozen outside. The film is an absolute approach towards a great cinema that shows us so many aspects of society that we don’t get to see in any normal movie these days.

Overall : 9/10
Bananas for acting : 9/10
Bananas for Direction : 9/10
Bananas for Story : 8/10
Bananas for Screenplay & Cinematography : 8/10
Bananas for Music : 9/10
Bananas for Hype : 7/10
Bananas for Commercial Performance : 7/10

If you are into movies that are deep, on society , action , end of the world and talk about humanity , you must not miss Snowpiercer then.

You might know Academy Award Winner Director Bong Joon Ho from his Oscar winning “Parasite” this year. ” Parasite ” also had somewhat a similar approach towards society and class discrimination . The film was marvelous and an edge of the seat thriller also. Bong Joon Ho’s Snowpiercer released in 2013 i.e. seven years ago and is set in 2031 when humanity has ceased to exist due to the reverse effect of the phenomenon CW7 used to reduce global warming. Instead , the world is covered with snow and the temperature is too low for a human to survive outside the train.

The train’s compartments or cars are divided each with luxuries and things that only the Rich can afford. The last car comprises of the people who are living for a hope to survive under their rebellion leader Curtis who also is under the guidance of an old man Gilliam from the group. The people revolt and keep moving forward losing people everytime and finally Curtis ( Chris Evan’s character ) reaches the gate of the engine room where Wilford is waiting for him . Till then , he has lost everyone except Nam ( Song Kang Ho ) and his daughter .

The film establishes a question over survival of human beings. We will eat each other if we are not ruled over with strictness . If we don’t have boundaries , we will just end the world with our bare hands. The film’s direction is astonishing and the screenplay written also doesn’t make you look away from the screen. In the starting , the film seems to be boring , but slowly it catches it’s phase and begins to thrill us. The action has been carried out in a very clever manner.

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