Psychological Thriller Movies That You Must Watch Now!


Psychological thrillers have always been playing with our minds no matter if it’s from Christopher Nolan , Dennis Villeneuve or Fight Club’s David Fincher. Today , We provide you the list of the best mystery and psychological thriller films that are mind bending and suspenseful af.


Released in 2013 and directed by one of the best filmmakers Hollywood currently has – Dennis Villeneuve, ” Prisoners ” stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman in leading roles.The film shows us the story of a father whose daughter has been kidnapped and he has no trust on the police , so he goes in search of her – getting his own life in trouble. Jake Gyllenhaal is a Police Officer who is solving the case. The film is very very suspenseful and plays with your mind ending with an unsolved question left with the audience. The film got the Academy Award nomination for Best cinematography.


This film is one of Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece starring Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale along with Sir Michael Cane as two rival magicians who are eager to defeat each other at any cost. The film is one of the best psychological thrillers that will surely make your day and you will end up thinking about this film the whole day. The film was nominated for the Oscars for Best Production Design and Best Cinematography.


Starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman , Directed by David Fincher – Seven tops on IMDB lists of psychological thriller movies. Seven explores two detectives who are investigating a serial killer who kills people according to seven deadly sins.

The Shining

This psychological horror film was released in 1980 based on the 1977 novel of the same name by Stephen King. The film has a sequel named Doctor Sleep which was released in 2019 . The film serves as one of the best horror films till now with a mind bending twist at the climax of the movie. The Shining is directed by Stanley Kubrick and stars Jack Nicholson in the lead role.

The Platform

Netflix’s Spanish Psychological Horror Thriller ” The Platform ” is one of the most brutal and psychologically appealing film with a message for the society we live in. The film shows a vertical prison center facility The Hole in which prisoners are kept in vertical cells one on top of another. They are served food from the top most cell to the bottom most with the Platform but as the Platform crosses the top hundred cells there is no food left and all are left to die.


Directed by Dennis Villeneuve and starring Jake Gyllenhaal in double characters , Enemey is a good psychological film that speaks about two personalities that are simply opposite of each other and how they are spending lives with parteners who are not their types.

Gone Girl

Directed by David Fincher , Gone Girl shows the story of a frustrated wife who starts planning to teach her husband a big lesson. Nick Dune is framed in the media as the worst person on Earth with his wife’s planning who disappears suddenly on their fifth anniversary.

Shutter Island

Teddy and Chuck are sent on an island to investigate the disappearance of a patient where they find a shocking truth about the place. Shutter Island is directed by Martin Scorsese. The film is still a mystery and it’s ending confuses people to date.


Directed by Christopher Nolan , this psychological thriller film revolves around an insurance investigator who suffers from a short term memory loss ( a kind of amnesia ) and is trying to find his wife’s killer. Memento offeres a reverse direction which seems to look great and interesting.


A Spanish mystery thriller film , which discloses twists in the plots pretending to be a sci fi movie when it’s actually not. The psychological thriller film stars Alvaro Morte and Adriana Ugarte in the lead. Vera , a wife finds an unusual TV in her house which lets her talk to a child 30 years ago who used the same TV.

The Sixth Sense

Directed by M. Night Shyamalan, The Sixth Sense is a psychological horror movie that has got suspence and plot twist in it. It is the story of a child psychologist who is studying a child who seems to be a way of communication between spirits and humans.


Zodiac stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr. investing the most famous serial killings in America which left the officers confused over 20 years. It is based on the true event directed by David Fincher.

The Invisible Guest

This film is one of the best murder mystery thriller ever made with a lot of twists and turns that just turn up the whole story towards different directions everytime. After watching this psychological thriller, you are definitely going to love watch more and more of Spanish thrillers.

Gerald’s Game

Gerald’s Game is another best horror psychological thriller that will surely leave you days thinking about it after watching it. It is based upon the same title novel by Stephen King. A lady is tied to handcuffs because of an accident and husband dies – nobody is around. The film develops horror without horror elements.

The Occupant

The Occupant is another Netflix 2020 Spanish release which is a thriller with some kind of symbolism in it. The film portrays the bitter truth that ” the grass is not always greener”. It may seem to be boring for some people so it is recommended only for those who only like dark and Thrilller films.

The Invitation (2015)

The Invitation is about a man named Will who has been invited to a dinner party at her ex wife’s house after two years since they last saw each other. He takes her girlfriend Kira there and some old friends are also present. Soon as the film becomes bits of conversation of old buddies, Will starts realizing that his ex wife has a more haunting reason to invite him to the party.


Tumbbad is the story of a village with a same name which has been cursed because of worshipping Hastar, the godess of Earth’s first born. He was cursed by the other gods with a treasure in a well in Tumbbad. The main lead Vinayak is a greedy man who cannot refuse to go into the well and eventually suffer his deeds in the end.


Fractured is another one of the best psychological thrillers that are based on ” family vanished ” principle but what makes it a must watch is it’s ending. The ending is unsettling, horrifying and brilliantly cinematographed at the same time.

Fractured is a 2019 American psychological thriller directed by Brad Anderson who also gave the cult thriller ” The Machinist “. The film stars Sam Worthington, Lily Rabe, Stephen Tobolowsky, Adjoah Andoh and Shane Dean. The screenplay is written by Alan B. McElroy.

Why Psychological Thrillers are best!

So , these were some of the best psychological and mystery thriller movies that are surely a must watch if you are into the genre. These psychological thriller movies will stay in your head long after you finish watching them which makes then a must watch. If you like our movie recommendations , you can suggest any of your favourite movies in the psychological thriller genre in the comment section below and we’ll put it here!

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