Peace: The Eternal Thing to Find!


We are so stressful and busy these days. We hardly have time finding our peace and relaxation. Even in this quarantine we are stressed with our job and money pressures. Stress has overpowered our life. We only think of getting more, working more and enduring more.

The relations we make sometimes become stressful too. Maybe, because of some misunderstandings or miscommunications. Sometimes toxicity kills our inner peace. It’s difficult to be at peace when you are surrounded with toxic people.

Negativity around you makes you feel uncomfortable. You may feel stressed, even anxiety is common in negativity. The dullness and lethargic conditions are also common. You may feel sick at heart. 

It can be because of too much work or low self-confidence. Sometimes, it may be because of things you read and encounter around you. Even taking a break from social media is helpful but if you work on such platforms then you can make some changes. Try to refine your mobile feed. Don’t follow toxic or political pages, they make your heart sick. Follow pages which makes you feel peaceful and happy. 

Finding mental peace is really difficult in such an environment. But you can always, if you wish to, because nothing is impossible. “Where there is a will, there is a way.”

Take out time for yourself. Even if you are packed with a lot of things to do. You should always take out time for yourself. Just 5 minutes! You are the most important person in life and if you have no importance for yourself then who will give you? 

Being packed and engaged in lots of things is okay but not taking out even 5 minutes for your own self is not okay. Atleast, 5 minutes for your own relaxation so that you can also spend time with yourself.

Sounds lunatic, right? But if you spend time with yourself you will get to know yourself. We all know our loved ones really well. But do we know our own self? Don’t we get confused in our choices? It’s because we don’t know who we really are. The people who don’t know their own self end up doing things they don’t wish to do and then they are never satisfied.

To rectify your relationship with others, first rectify your relations with yourself. Go and search yourself. Dive deep in your own ocean and search your darkness and pearls. Search your mind, search for things, you wish to do. Discover yourself!

Attaining peace is not always with people you love but it’s with your own soul. When you sit alone for a while. You listen to your inner self, away from the chaos of the whole world. Nobody is around you, it’s only you and yourself who is talking to you. You listen to your inner voice, talk to him, reply to him, and you will release your stress.

Having personal time is important and you have to give yourself some time for your own betterment. Because when you are healthy and when you are at peace, everything around you will be at peace. Giving time to yourself and loving yourself is really important. It makes you strong and let’s you do things you wish to do. It boosts your self-confidence and self-belief. People forget to love their own self in this hectic life, but one should never because you are the most important person in your own life. And when you are healthy and fit everyone will be happy and fit.