Our World Of 2050

A sustainable thinking and living would create a more happier and prosperous WORLD OF 2050 where one might see every possible change from people to tech and from trade to politics


“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself” by Leo Tolstoy, let’s me to spot the loopholes that exists today, i.e., everyone wants development in the sorrounding world but no one wants a change within their ways of thinking and living. We can sense that the world is changing at a very fast pace and is taking us towards a wonderful platform of development and advancement in every possible sector whether it be population, environment or technology. To be prepared for the future and making right decisions, lets stretch our imaginations and look ahead in the World of 2050.


Population might prove to be breathtaking as per the assumptions of UNITED NATIONS. It has been estimated 9 billion(approximately) by Prognosticators and this will give birth to increase in energy demands and vast mega cities. There are projections where the world will be fantastic,we’ll get rid of poverty and live in some kind of harmonious situation as well as the technology will be at our fingertips.Some of the other assumptions are like the development of technology might lead to things like really widescale unemployment and it might lead to people being hooked into their machines. We could,I think,reach a much better world where people will live a more human life. In fact, as a response to this technology and I think if we don’t push it in that direction we could have a very very dystopian future.


 The world will reinvent itself in 2050, as we will enjoy a greater interaction.In terms of technology, technical progress may occur in the form of 3D printing which will result in the transformation of consumers into producers. Self-made and individually tailored goods will become the new efforts for the society. New types of production processes and facilities will change the individual lifestyles.I envisage that more and more e-vehicles will be used due to advancement in the automobile sector. We will have autonomous cars as well as manual driver cars as per customer’s choice. For safety reasons our engineering department will make even the conventional cars very safe. Industries would run on bio-liquid fuels- eco friendly mode of energy which would leave a space for fresh air to penetrate into the environment. Logistics will make rapid reactions and safe solutions would be possible in no time, even in emergencies an immediate reaction will be granted like flexible high tech solution will be applied through a rapid response. If we throw light on medical department then many applications that today we perform unassisted, will in fact be assisted operations. So a surgeon or a nurse in hospitals who’s working on a patient will have an angel on his/her shoulder looking over him/her and offering helpful guidance when perhaps he’s about to make mistakes. Depression will be one of the dominating disease in the coming years.
Climate change will be exorbitant and according to the estimates made by scientists, the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will exceed the limit of average of 410 ppm due to increment in the length and breadth of deforestation, industrialization and population. People will have to buy oxygen cylinders for survival.It’s negative perspective also includes the hotness of our planet and even the systematic exploitation of natural resources will not satisfy the appetite for the growth and will lead the ecosystem at stake.


Our future is being fueled up by the innovation of the innovators. In terms of trade,rapid growth of the world trade will set the base for business and economy. America, China and India may observe more advancement in terms of trade relations. Fast transport networks will supply the world with more goods.Uniform goods and mass produced items may vanish from the displaying windows. The consequences of this kind of development will not only be a revolution in supplied chains, but also an awareness about the need of recycling will grow,creating new commercial perspectives.


Nationalism might dominate and globalisation might become a thing of the past. Everywhere borders  may be reimposed followed by the restriction of trade through regional blocks and mutual mistrust might lead to high customs barrier. International exchange will come to a standstill. Conflicts over natural resources might become daily meal of the nations. Competition among nations might lead to the devastation of National interest.As per recent study by World Health Organization, there are near about  264 million people across all segments of the world who are suffering from a very common as well as devastating disease “Depression”. And it will certainly continue to grow in the upcoming decades because of increasing Economic and financial crisis due to trade disruptions which is getting overpowered by Nationalism.


The most commonly chosen subject among 21st century youths i.e., Political science, might see dramatic changes across the globe.These changes could be either visible in the voting criteria or in competition among Political leaders and nations or in the definition of democracy.Inspired with the other democratic countries, democracy might rule in the majority of the countries of the world but all of them will lack the exact meaning of the word DEMOCRACY, as defined by Abraham Lincoln, “a government of the people, by the people and for the people”. Involvement of women may increase in the politics as well as in other fields too.Polling of votes might become digital(sitting at home and polling one’s opinion via e-vote app).As far as, World political leaders are concerned, one nation will try to dominate the other with its vigour and extraordinary strength, as is taking place in the present scenario. 


A sustainable thinking will create a far better world than today. The world will progress and will have pillars of global collaborations.Water scarcity will become a major problem and is also a cause of concern, with the shops selling water at a very high price due to which poors and middle class will be at risk. Even a drop of water will cost more than the present price of gold. Overutilisation of resources, such as Water, Paper, fossil fuels,etc. will leave our future generations thirsty, hapless and unaware of the present resources.The pandemic of the chinese originated disease– COVID-19 has already revealed the consequences of disturbing the environment and wildlife. Similar kind of man-made disasters as well as natural disasters may demolish human survival on the earth in the following years if we’ll not live sustainably with the flora and fauna of the environment. But still the time is offering us an opportunity to let the nature heal up by restricting ourselves to stay home and work. We need to THINK SUSTAINABLY, ACT SUSTAINABLY AND RESPOND SUSTAINABLY to land on an innovative and prosperous island of 2050 rather than a deserted and messed up island.

What do you think?