Nightmares and their reality


Dreams as the researches show us are the codes and messages we get from the subconscious mind. The subconscious contacts us when we feel nothing that is when we sleep. It shows our fears, our love, our dreams, our desires but what if these desires are turning into nightmares?

The logic behind seeing nightmares is directly connected with your real life. There has been something which keeps disturbing you. The reasons behind such dreams is generally a terrible loss, it might be your family, friend, love, career or any other person or thing you love or you always wished to be with.

Maybe, you are witnessing something which might happen or which you reckon to happen. Sometimes, you watch some horror movies and then you dream about them. Sometimes, some memories of the past also terrify us. The past makes us, their captive, in short, when you are unable to move on with the emotional horrors in your life. You see those memories or thoughts constantly in your dreams. The subconscious shows you your fears and your emotional horrors. 

If you reckon your dreams as visions then there are visions which are happy and there are visions which are terrible. The experience of having a terrible lasts much longer than a happy vision. You feel it in your heart until your vision comes true. The terrible visions include deaths, accidents, or loss of something important. But not all terrible dreams are visions. So, don’t reckon all your dreams with visions. You might see visions but generally all people cannot see visions. Visions come to people who are not preoccupied with some other thoughts of their life.

Visions have no definite timing, not all morning dreams are visions. Visions can be seen even during daytime (this is my personal experience), even in late evenings. The thing is these dreams come when you are relaxed, your mind is stress free, visions will come to you. The mind which is preoccupied and stressed cannot experience visions. But, don’t desire for visions, it’s not that good because I have experienced more terrible visions than happy ones, and they all last until they get fulfilled. Visions usually get fulfilled during the same day or may be 2 days but not after that. So don’t keep on thinking about nightmares as visions.

The dreams are strange, we don’t know why we see them. Sometimes we see dreams of flying or falling or being trapped. These are our thoughts which our subconscious tells us, don’t confuse them with visions. When you see visions the feelings are different not of a normal dream. The feelings cannot be defined for visions. 

If your dreams are recurring and you see them daily, it means something is disturbing you deep within. Muttering in sleep also means that you are stressed mentally or emotionally. It might be the last person you dream of before sleeping who is coming in your sleep or maybe you think of that person during the day or maybe you are going through a heartbreak or maybe suffering with a loss of someone you love. These emotions make us see nightmares.

The best thing about dreams is you can decode them if you will. Make a dream journal, write your dreams in your diary because we tend to forget most of our dreams then see the pattern of your dreams whether it has some similarities or not. Something to do with your real life. Something which you know but you don’t want to accept and it can be anything. So, try to figure it out and accept it and move on, because the people who don’t move on are always left behind.

What do you think?