Never Have I Ever Netflix Review : Another Enjoyable Teen Dramedy


Never Have I Ever is Netflix drama plus comedy series basically what you call dramedy these days , created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher. It primiered on Netflix on April 27, 2020. The show stars Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as Devi Vishwakumar , Darren Barnet as Paxton Hall – Yoshida and Jaren Lewison as Ben Gross.

The show is mixed with emotional ride and some sarcastic comedy punches and entertains throughout. The fact that it is an another teenage drama series like Sex Education or 13 Reasons Why could be true but it takes a different perspective.

Never Have I Ever Trailer
  • Overall : 8 /10
  • Bananas for acting : 8/10
  • Bananas for Direction : 8/10
  • Bananas for Story : 7/10
  • Bananas for Screenplay & Cinematography : 7/10
  • Bananas for Music : 8/10
  • Bananas for Hype : 8/10
  • Bananas for Commercial Performance : 8/10

Giving 8 out of a 10 means you can watch the show for some entertainment or to set your mood for some weekend. The show is best for people who like teen shows , comedy , drama and emotional stuffs.

This perspective takes the vision of teen Indian American girl Devi Vishwakumar who lost her father Mohan Vishwakumar eight months ago and her legs paralyzed. Seems like an emotional story , right? But I bet there’s lot more to look forward to in this comedy series.

Talking about the performances , Ramakrishnan absolutely nailed down her teenage character and actors Lee Rodriguez as Fabiola ( Devi’s friend who is a science geek ) , Ramona Young as Eleanor who enjoys acting were perfectly well to their roles. Also , Jaren Lewison as Ben Gross worked perfectly.

There are instances where Kamala , Devi’s cousin moved in, in order to pursue her career but she finds herself a boyfriend which is shown some kind of taboo since they are a typical strict and disciplined Indian family.

Never Have I Ever talks the title through each and every episode and is named after some particular milestones that Devi is going to achieve finally alongside ending herself in some kind of trouble.

Never Have I Ever feels directly in your heart through stories such as Devi’s and more accurately Ben’s. Ben’s life is more like a Home Alone child whose parents are a workoholic and they think that making money for their child will help them get their child’s love.

There is this scene in the show where Ben is at Devi’s Mother’s clinic and he just starts bursting into tears – like man , that scene is really got really powerful potential and it just made me cry. I think that would have been my favorite part of the show. There’s an episode particularly to tell us more about Ben and it’s just to him that a whole episode is dedicated instead of any other child except Devi.

That would mean Ben is potentially a strong lead character in the series and the upcoming episodes if there are any in the future. There hasn’t been any confirmation about Never Have I Ever season 2 but you can stick around to us for any further updates!

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