Mrs. Serial Killer Review : Indian Netflix Thriller Film?


Mrs. Serial Killer , Jacqueline Fernandez’s improvement in acting performance with some few accent lags coming along with it and Manoj Bajpayee’s evergreen screen presence and not to mention Mohit Raina’s flawless smartness proved that to be a successful Netflix thriller , you need so much more things than that.

Mrs. Serial Killer is a Hindi language Indian Netflix Original Thriller film directed and written by Shirish Kunder. The film is produced by Shirish’s wife Farah Khan. Mrs. Serial Killer stars Manoj Bajpayee , Jacqueline Fernandez and Mohit Raina in the lead characters. We can all agree that all three of them have done their best specially Mohit’s last dialogues were pretty much emotionally touching even in such a lose script.

Mrs. Serial Killer Official Trailer
  • Overall : 5 /10
  • Bananas for acting : 8/10
  • Bananas for Direction : 6/10
  • Bananas for Story : 5/10
  • Bananas for Screenplay & Cinematography : 6/10
  • Bananas for Music : 6/10
  • Bananas for Hype : 7/10
  • Bananas for Commercial Performance : 6/10

Mrs. Serial Killer is about a woman whose husband is charged with the serial killings of kidnapped girls. Jacqueline ‘s Sona goes illegal to save her husband from jail. To prove that the killer is still out there, she plans to commit murders the same way they use to happen. Mrs. Serial Killer released on Netflix on May 1,2020.

The film’s direction is very bad to be sure , it doesn’t even complies with a movie’s direction even Bollywood itself doesn’t let it’s movies look like a dramatic Ekta Kapoor TV show. Mrs. Serial Killer’s scripting is nothing but a joke as if things are just being added everytims a problem arises on the screen which makes it illogical at many points.

The music and editing are perfect to be a TV show rather than a Netflix thriller which Netflix itself is going to regret in future. The final verdict of the film is it is a loose approach towards a serial killing thriller which fails to establish itself even as a movie.

Talking about the things , if you want to watch the film – you might not wanna miss it for Manoj Bajpayee’s last few minutes dialogues and performance. That is the only time duration when you can sweetly suffer the pain of going throughout Mrs. Serial Killer. Another one is Mohit Raina – an old time TV actor Mohit is very well renowned for his screen presence along with smartness and looks. Jacqueline’s performance is also good but there are moments when she messes her act. Her time with expressions is still a mystery to solve. There have been news that she has worked a lot on her acting and that part shines in the film but what disappoints again that she still lags in catching the Hindi accent.

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