Ever since the outbreak of the COVID-19 aka Coronavirus throughout major countries in the world,Hollywood has also suffered a severe loss of millions of dollars from the widespread “pandemic” termed virus.

At the time of writing this post,about 139,653 people have been found to be infected by the virus and approx 5120 deaths have occurred.

The virus is having a significant effect on Hollywood due to the closing of theaters in China and infected customers in many regions around the world.This week many production houses took the condition very seriously planned to cancel the release of some of the most anticipated movies of the year.

Here,we have covered all the films that have been delayed due to coronavirus this year up till now and will keep the article updated about any new news that we get

1. The biggest decision has been taken by Universal Pictures’ – the studio delayed the release of it’s much awaited and high budget ninth installment to the “Fast & Furious” franchise by nearly a year.Earlier the film was set to release on May 22,2020 and now the new release date has been announced as April 21,2021.

All the Movies delayed by coronavirus : 'F9','Mulan','A Quite Place 2' and More
Universal Pictures

2.John Krasinki and Emily Blunt’s thriller “A Quite Place” was initially set to debut the screens on March 18,2020 and now Krasinki took to twitter and announced the release has been delayed amidst the COVID-19 aka coronavirus.

All the Movies delayed by coronavirus : 'F9','Mulan','A Quite Place 2' and More
A Quite Place 2

The production’s marketing team has already spent almost all of their marketing budget which makes this decision of Krasinki and Blunt to be one of the bravest.

Christian Bale to play Villain in Thor 4 : Love and Thunder

3.Disney’s one of the most expensive live-action remake till date “Mulan” has been delayed with no official date set for the release.Disney also canceled “Mulan” in China due to the widespread of the coronavirus in the country.The movie has been made on a $200 million Budget.

All the Movies delayed by coronavirus : 'F9','Mulan','A Quite Place 2' and More

Disney has also postponed the releases of “The New Mutants” and “Antlers”.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson infected with Coronovirus!

4)Daniel Craig’s last “James Bond” movie “No time to die” was initially set to release in April 2020 with the new release to be set on November 12,2020.

“No Time To Die”

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