Money Heist Non Spoiler Review Netflix’s La Casa De Papel

Money-Heist Season 5

Money Heist – a thriller show about a robbery and it’s execution while the leader ( The Professor ) watches his soldiers play at The Royal Mint where money is being printed for the country. The players are printing their own money with an oath not to harm any lives. There are 67 hostages inside The Mint and hundreds of Policemen just outside waiting for one mistake and blow their heads off! 

People who like crime drama , twisting and mind bending , thriller , Suspence , and action TV series will definitely like Money Heist on Netflix.

You will get to see some some jokes that are dark , strong acting , grip tight direction and a good screenplay. The show originally was made into two parts that is ,in total , 23 episodes which were later bought by Netflix and edited into smaller episodes of nearly an hour each. The first part has 13 episodes , second part has 9 episodes , third has 8 episodes and fourth part also has 8 episodes.

Part 1 Non – Spoiler Review

The direction of the episodes , the cuts and the screenplay both played a major role in making the show an international hit. The acting of the cast specially Álvaro Morte as the Professor and Pedro Alonso as Berlin impresses a lot throughout the first season. Itziar Ituño as Raquel the Inspector hold the story and the plot keeping it thrilled to the edge of the seat. All of the cast has performed so well that you will probably lose any tiny second of the show. The suspense in the plot is maintained throughout the entire season and this season works well as an introduction to what’s going to come ahead. The Professor runs for hiding his identity , to clear all clues that lead to him.

Part 2 Non – Spoiler Review

This part is the continuation of the first one and carries out the struggles of the robbers and what they get when they chose to be the wrong guys. Pedro Alonso as Berlin emerged as a hero in this part inspite of him being a rapist and so much brutal. The show is created such that you start loving the characters who are doing the wrong and the one of the hostage Arturo becomes the most hated one by the audience who is just trying to fail the plans of the robbers. The Heist goes on but with what sacrifices ? You’ll have to watch. Acting performances came to the maximum potential of the Actors and the direction too. The show was good & is recommended by us to anyone who loves crime thriller , Suspence , mind bending and action series.

Part 3 Non – Spoiler Review

This part of the series is the most fantastic one because the show is carried on by Netflix productions from this very moment and so the budget as well as chaos has increased tremendously. Professor is back along with his team and some new members in to the Dali gang to raise a war against the system who has taken Rio. The character of Sierra is introduced who is the new Operations officer in the case. The Money Heist gang is back with a bang to rob the Bank of Spain this time with things that go wrong much soon as planned by the Professor . Lisbon aka Raquel is now with the team who used to be the Investigating officer in the Part 1 & 2 of the show. The ending of Part 3 can be counted as one of the most unsatisfying endings with Professor losing everything and Nairobi getting shot. The gang broke their rule to not hurt anyone and took out an army tanker by Missile. It would have been very impossible to wait for Part 4 of the series for a year which could be the conclusion.

Part 4 Non – Spoiler Review

The last part ended with the most intense ending of the whole series and in this one , we see the fall of the gang which is continuously trying to survive in the Bank of Spain. Due to a fight amongst the group as always and as expected,  Tokyo takes the charge of the operation while locking up Palermo in chains. Palermo plays some games and creates a chaos that ends up getting one of the important members of the gang killed.  After they lose a member , the gang fills up with anger , hatred and adrenaline rushes in them and that’s when the professor starts taking the enemies down one by one with his crazy mind plans. The Professor’s girlfriend is being held in police custody in which he is going to break in and get her escaped from there. This part ends up with the Professor getting caught face to face by Alicia Sierra so it is going to be much interesting to see what’s coming ahead.


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