Marriage Story Netflix Film Review : Should You Watch It?

Marriage Story
Marriage Story On Netflix

Written, Produced and Directed by Noah Baumbach , Marriage Story hits right into the heart and digs the trauma around a divorce and how badly it affects the two sides. Marriage story is released by Netflix and had it’s primiere at the Venice Film Festival on August 29, 2019. The film was critically acclaimed for the performances as well as the direction, screenplay and the music score.

Laura Dern , in fact , won the Academy Award for the Best Supporting Actress and Marriage Story was nominated for six Academy Awards including Best Actress for Scarlett Johansson and Best Picture. You are going to love Marriage Story if you like emotional , touching , love stories and movies based on today’s society.

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Overall  : 8.5/10

Bananas for acting : 10/10

Bananas for Direction : 9/10

Bananas for Story : 7/10

Bananas for Screenplay & Cinematography : 9/10

Bananas for Music : 8/10

Bananas for Hype : 8/10

Bananas for Commercial Performance : 6/10

Marriage Story is watch worthy for it’s screenplay and acting performances especially Johansson which can be referred to as her best acting performance. She is indeed a gift to the industry. Adam Driver portrays Charlie Barber who is a theatre director. His acting is so perfect and flawless that one might actually confuse him to be Henry’s actual father. Marriage Story’s music is good. Laura Dern as the Lawyer on Nicole’s side is marvellous and intriguing. 

Marriage Story looks at divorce from the perspective of both husband and the wife. Almost in every marriage, these situations arise sometimes which are very hard to go through. Nicole and Charlie love each other atmost but they are not sure about what is stopping them from living together. They were a happy couple and could have been always. They want to separate but not like it happens with all other couples, they want to be friends and lovers like they used to be. They want to be a part of their child’s childhood in a good way as they part their ways.

Marriage Story can be the best film to watch if you or anyone near you is going through these kind of things. This film can indirectly decrease the number of divorce cases if the parents kindly look at the film and try to realize where they failed as a couple? Marriage Story also speaks for women empowerment through Laura Dern who is fighting for cases like these since so many years.

Laura says if a father is wrong , as women we accept the faults and negatives so easily that it’s only the mother’s thing to give up her desires and dreams. Women have to love them for whoever they are – for their flaws , their mistakes and everything they do. Before 30 years ago , Fathers were expected to be silent , strict and dominated but things have started to change now. Now , they are making the transitions – they are trying but they won’t make it good enough if women like us keep forgiving them everytime.

Marriage is a lovely bond. It creates memories with the one we think we might end our journey with. But soon after some years, the bond starts demanding nourishment. It demands love and respect for each other as in the early days. The ending scene contains a shot where little Henry reads his Mom’s thoughts about his dads which are cute and respectful and show that they still love each other but now the things have gone too far to be corrected.

So I guess, there are things that a Marriage demands – sacrifices. Charlie was not ready to move in to LA for Nicole at some point which shows that he was at fault. As parteners , both the sexes have to listen to each other’s feelings and demands. That’s what Marriage Story teaches us!

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