Marks don’t decide our Future!


No matter in which class you are, result day has always been a nightmare. The result day at times gives us a heart attack, when we have worked hard enough. 

The longing for scoring high percentages makes us indulge ourselves into studies and working for it. We study day and night just for making ourselves capable enough to make ourselves and parents proud.

We leave no topic unsolved or unrevised. We clear every single doubt, we study late at night or early in the morning. Timetables can be different but goals are the same. Some even go to coaching centres or tution coming at home to study and understand from a teacher we like or we accept as our “guru”. 

But the thing is the marksheet for which we all keep on doing this, some are so blinded by the aura that they forget to understand the concepts and rather start mugging up all the things. 

But sometimes even after working so hard, even after doing all the questions, revising everything and doing everything we don’t come up to that mark. That is, when we get the shock.

The shock makes you silent at first, then your madness shrieks up from your mind through your mouth, crying and struggling to accept your marks. It is difficult when you have worked hard and got nothing in return, I know how it feels.

The feeling of humiliation and disgrace which you feel in your heart. Just because you couldn’t score is worse than anything. It feels as if we are the worst minds ever born, we have a fear of what people might think. Maybe they will just make fun of us behind our back or maybe they will call us foolish. We might not be able to get what we wanted like the better section or the dream college we wished to go to.

These all surround us and we start avoiding our friends, family and other people. Not even answering calls or messages. Making ourselves isolated from the whole world. Being in our own world where we and our depression survives and the laughs and mocks of the world constantly clinging in our minds!

But our minds cannot be judged by the small amount of score, can it be? We have done so many things, so many problems solved, it was you who could answer properly and even use those concepts in real life. Are you really dumb? No you are not. You have the abilities, you have the capabilities, you might be the best editor of your class or a photographer or a writer or a mathematician or a thinker or a politician or an artist or a singer or a leader or a scientist or whatever you are good at. 

If marks would have judged intelligence than Bill Gates would have been a failure, we wouldn’t have windows on our phones, laptops, tablets computer. Virat Kohli would not be playing for us. Carry Minati might have ended himself. Raza Samo would have been insane. Do you know what’s common in all of them? They all were drop outs, schools or college failures and are still so popular. So many people get inspired from them. So many people want to become like them and wish to shine like a star and for shining like a star you just need to be a star and nothing else.

The thing is not that you got less marks. The thing is how you deal with it. Your result doesn’t decide your future. A time will come nobody will be bothered about what you scored where and when. They will just ask about your experience, see your capabilities and if you are capable, you will get the job.

You are still you, you are still the best,  you know it well. You cannot be disappointed just by scoring less. Fearing the waves won’t let you cross the ocean. So, you know and you know it well, you are what you are, you just have to know that. You just have to understand that a mere piece of paper won’t decide what you become. It’s you and always you.

So just don’t make yourself feel inferior. The truth is at this time you surely need someone beside you so go and spend time with someone who can listen to your heart patiently. Cry about it and overcome it. Don’t let the tears drown you within. Emerge from your ashes just like the Phoenix and you will be what you wish, you are still a star just don’t get dim, just because you scored less.

What do you think?