Life (2017) Movie Review : Sci-fi Horror Gets a Twist Ending


Recently Netflix released Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds Starrer ” Life ” which was released on March 24, 2017. The film comes into a sci-fi alien movie showing the fight for survival against an alien specimen found from Mars. The six member space station is carrying a sleeping multicellular organism which initially seemed to be unicellular.

The organism starts developing intelligence and attacks each and every member aboard the ship one by one. The film reaches a surprise ending with a twist which will scare the viewers.

  • Overall : 8/10
  • Bananas for acting : 8/10
  • Bananas for Direction : 8/10
  • Bananas for Story : 8/10
  • Bananas for Screenplay & Cinematography : 8/10
  • Bananas for Music : 8/10
  • Bananas for Hype : 7/10
  • Bananas for Commercial Performance : 7/10

Life(2017) movie is a must watch movie for space sci-fi film lovers , alien movie lovers , suspence , horror and twist movie lovers. If you are not into these genres then you might wanna skip this movie. The film also contains some brutal scenes and is filled with violent scenes.

The film is a good blend of sci-fi with horror and violence and all the aspects are mixed in right proportion. It haunts us in the beginning and leaves us terrified at the end. Jake Gyllenhaal is a great actor once again. Rebecca Ferguson is the second lead in the film.

The direction by Daniel Espinosa is more like a horror film than a space movie and it works pretty well. The cinematography and screenplay are just fine. Ryan Reynolds has a very limited screentime so he lacks leaving a big impact on us.

Other Casts work is good and praiseworthy. Music by Jon Ekstrand is good in the climax which really is capable of giving goosebumps. Life(2017) is distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing and has a total runtime of 104 minutes.

What do you think?