Krrish 4 Release Date, Cast and Plot Details


It’s been 8 years since the release of the Indian Superhero action film Krrish 3 which was the third installment in the Koi Mil Gaya franchise. The fourth installment in the franchise i.e. Krrish 4 has become a matter of buzz since then. Krrish 3 was criticized for it’s weak scripting whereas praised worldwide for it’s acting performances, Visual effects, Action and Screenplay.

Krrish 4 Release Date

Krrish four was earlier set for a release in later 2019 but Rakesh Roshan’s illness delayed the film for some months. The fourth film has currently booked a slot for Christmas 2020. There is no information regarding how much portion of shoot has been completed.

Krrish 4 Cast

Hritik Roshan is reviving his role as Krishna with Priyanka Chopra as Priya Mehra. Koi Mil Gaya character Rohit Mehra died in the last part but it doesn’t mean Hritik will not be having a double role. This time he might also be playing Krishna’s child who was shown in the end credit of Krrish 3. Rohit Mehra can also be seen in flashback scenes. Vivek Oberoi can have somehow a connection to this one.

Krrish 4 Expected Plot

Superhero movies stories are simply based on two concepts. Either the villain or antihero will come from the hero’s past or he will be a completely new character who is born to rule the world. Krrish 4 can explore Krishna’s son being threatened or harmed by villain or it might happen that Krishna’s son will be the new Krrish. Dr. Arya can still have some role in this one.

The coronavirus pandemic has delayed movies worldwide and it may or may not affect the release date for Krrish 4. We’ll see everything on related to the topic. Till then, subscribe our website newsletter for more.

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