JoJo Rabbit – A Lovely Comedy War Drama


Jojo Rabbit , indeed , is the most beautiful and loveliest movie of 2019 from Taika Waititi which got nominated in six categories for the Academy Awards i.e. Best Adapted Screenplay , Best Picture , Best Supporting Actress , Best Production Design , Best Costume Design and Best Film Editing in which it won the Best Adapted Screenplay Award.

The movie explores a German Nazi boy who fantasizes meeting Adolf Hitler and getting rewarded and praised from him.As a normal 10 year old child, he has questions from his mother about his father,  about his life and ugliness – about war and peace and above all – hatred against the Jews.

The movie has a simple yet cute storytelling and screenplay which entertains you throughout the movie.It’s the story of a 10 year old Nazi boy who finds that his mother is hiding a Jewish girl in his house.The story evolves and he goes through a family trauma.The most special thing I found in this film is Scarlet Johansson’s act and the way she shares a single parent bond with her child.Though her screen presence is little but she leaves an impact with her performance however short it may be.

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Roman Griffin Davis as Jojo is cute and adorable.He has also performed very well as Jojo along with his imaginary friend Adolf Hitler played by Taika Waititi who has also successfully presented Hitler with a childish tone.Thomasin McKenzie as Elsa the Jew girl is way too good but I think there could have been more other options for the character.

Cast of “Jojo Rabbit”

Roman Griffin Davis

Thomasin Mackenzie

Taika Waititi

Rebel Wilson

Stephen Merchant

Alfie Allen

Sam Rockwell

Scarlett Johansson

The film is created by Taika Waititi and is based on a book Caging Skies by Christine Leunens.The editing of the film is performed by Tom Eagles which got a nomination for the Oscars and Cinematography of the film is done by Mihai Mălaimare Jr. Jojo Rabbit is distributed by Fox Searchlight Pictures and produced by Fox Searchlight Pictures along with TSG Entertainment.

Spoiler Review of the ” Jojo Rabbit “

The film starts with a small boy Jojo who is part of the Nazi youth soldiers in which small boys and girls are being taught to kill and throw grenade on enemy which shows the brutality of the Nazis in that era.

Jojo has a mother who takes care of him and his father is out in Italy fighting for his country Germany.Jojo has an imaginary friend – a much fancy comical version of Adolf Hitler played by the filmmaker Taika Waititi himself.This part of the film depicts Jojo’s mother’s positivity and how much deep his son’s heart has been filled with negativity by the soldiers who is only 10 years old and should enjoy childhood instead.

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One day , Jojo gets himself a scar on the face due to a grenade accident.He starts thinking about himself as an ugly child when his mother gives a very powerful dialogue about Life and how we should celebrate it and be thankful to god.

Jojo finds a small hiding place in his house and finds a Jewish girl whom he thinks might be a ghost.The Jewish girl’s name is Elsa who had a fiance Nathan who died of Tuberculosis the previous year.She’s been hiding in the home since the war broke out.

Slowly and gradually , Jojo finds his beliefs are being contradicted from what the German soldiers have been teaching them about Jews.He learns from Elsa that Jews are also the same as them and not ghosts.

Elsa is Jojo’s sister Inge’s childhood friend.Inge died from a cause not mentioned in the film.The German soldiers find about Jojo’s mother spreading communism against the Nazi dictator and hang her in the middle of the street.

Later, the war gets over and the Americans win. When Jojo gets to know this, he is frightened at the thought that Elsa would leave him.The part depicts the trauma Elsa and Jojo both have faced i.e. losing family.

Finally Elsa turns out to love Jojo too as little brother.They both enjoy their freedom by dancing as said by the mother ” Dancing is a way we can thank God for our life “.

One of the good things shown through the character of Captain K is him saving Jojo from the mass execution of Nazis.His character is very little but great.


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