John Wick TV Show Release Date, Cast, and Plot details that You Must Know!

John Wick TV SHow

John Wick TV Show “The Continental” is currently in works by Chad Stahelski. The show was announced in 2017 just after the massive success of John Wick 2. 

Starz is collaborating with Lionsgate to make the series happen. Keanu Reeves will also be producing the show.

John Wick TV Show Release Date: When is it coming?

Earlier, It was said that the show will go live after the release of John Wick 4 in 2021 but after the delay of the movie, there hasn’t been any official news regarding the TV Show. 

John Wick TV Show Cast

Ian McShane was earlier going to be in the series but later after months, he cleared that he is not going to appear in the TV show as Hotel Continental owner Winston.

Keanu Reeves is one of the producers of the show himself so the creators are going to bring him as John Wick as much as they can.

Chad Stahelski said that there is a whole new cast joining the John Wick TV Series The Continental. These faces were not present in any of the films but they are going to have a very crucial role in the John Wick TV Series.

The production work on the show already began in 2018 and we still have to wait for any further news. 

John Wick TV Show Plot Details

The show will explore more branches of The High Order aka “The Continental” so it will be shot in various International cities.

The show will reveal some dark characters who inhabit The Continental world. It also promises to give some very thrilling action sequences as expected by the fans. 

The show may include the primary backstory behind John Wick and how he became the deadly Baba Yaga or the Boogeyman.

The writers have said that they have planned a three-season show seeing the massive box office success of the John Wick franchise. 

It is going to be basically a prequel involving some deadly assassins and their targets.

There has been news that the John Wick TV Series may have eight episodes.