John Krasinski reunites “The Office” cast to recreate Jim and Pam’s Wedding


John Krasinski has been spreading joy through his online reality show called “Some Good News” amidst a global pandemic. Recently Krasinki as well as ” The Office ” cast threw a surprise wedding to a marlyland couple named “John” and ” Susan “.

John proposed Susan the same way Krasinski’s character in ” The Office” proposed to Pam. He then sent the video to John Krasinski.

Krasinki then brought in the couple’s parents in the zoom call and made them sure he is the minister for their wedding. He invited the couple’s friends and then asked Fischer to be Susan’s maid of honor.

John and Susan completed their rituals and were announced as husband and wife.

Later , Krasinki invited the cast of “The Office” to join the meeting and they all danced to “Forever” by Chris Brown. They also danced the same way in the show when Jim and Pam were getting married.

Source : CBS News

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