Is Now You See Me 3 Coming Out? Here are the Details We Know


Now You See Me -a franchise that took the world by storm by it’s mind bending magic tricks and thrill. The first Now You See Me film was released in 2013 while Now You See Me 2 came out in 2016.

Although Isla Fisher could not comeback in the second film due to her pregnancy, her replacement and the new addition to the film franchise – Lula recieved lots of love.

Is Now You See Me 3 Coming Out?

Lionsgate announced recently that it has hired American writer Eric Warren Singer to write the sequel for Now You See Me 2. The film is definitely going to come out but not so soon.

Now You See Me 3 Release Date

There has been no official announcement regarding the release date for the third part of the franchise but we know that the film is in it’s pre production phase which means it can take at least 2 years to come on floor.

Now You See Me 3: Is Isla Fisher returning?

Yes, sources say that she is being prepared to return for the third film and the other character Lula played by Lizzy Caplan will also be present to increase the charm of the film.

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