Is Mulan (2020) A Good Remake? – Vee Del Aal


While there’s been a lot of controversies about Mulan (2020) by the New Zealander Director Niki Caro this film is actually not that bad, and the only way to know why is at; it’s simply to compare it to the original Mulan (1998) by the American Directors Tony Bancroft & Barry Cook.

Mulan is an Action film in which there’s not much of a sense of humor compared to the animated version. There was a huge amount of fantasy element in it. Now the question is why replacing the dragon Mushu by a Phoenix, with no reason. Apparently it’s going to be in every Disney film from now on since we saw it in Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019) late last year.

Now let’s talk about Huan Mulan or simply Mulan in the 1998’s version we’re always inside Mulan’s head, we can see vividly her connection, love and respect to her ancestors. Sadly, this year’s version ruined this beautiful important part of Mulan’s personality. We couldn’t feel with Mulan as we do in the animated version, here she seems so different and distant.

At the very middle of act two you’ll start to feel the emptiness all around, like where did all the cast go? Even though it was animated in the 1998 version you’ll enjoy the battle scenes better.

The cinematography was nice and visually satisfying and the acting was great.

Considering the editing, it was an attempt to mimic the editing in the Chinese movies. It was an epic failure. Especially the first 45 minutes of the film where you don’t know what you’re watching it feels, looks and sounds strange. That’s a bad thing since the most important thing in the movies is the hook the viewer, and Disney plays on that well but just not in Mulan (2020.)

The very ending of 2020’s was much greater than the animation. As it wasn’t a cliché fairy tale ending rather than that it was powerful, and she gets an important role, she achieves her goal.

A great message also, in this year’s version; which brings up that women should stand next to one another and help each other out.

And that’s why you should actually give it a watch. If you’re a Disney fan you will still prefer the original; but, if you’ve never seen the animated version you would definitely enjoy this one especially with friends and family.

If you want to watch a better remake by Disney it’ll be definitely Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Comment down below what other original/remake you would like me to compare next. And always remember never watch a film by its review!

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