Hiyo Tho song from Panchayat series has amazing roots!


Panchayat series has been a big hit and really popular among the youth. The series being so close to life and struggles endured by the boy Abhishek Tripathi, connects you with the character. Abhishek Tripathi is an engineering graduate who is struggling for his placement. The story of almost all the youths of India. He gets posted as the Secretary in the Gram Panchayat of Phulera, and starts preparing for CAT. 

One of the songs from the series has been really soothing and calming. You cannot understand the lyrics but it makes you feel peaceful. Hiya Tho, is a soulful song with gibberish lyrics. The song composer Anurag Saikia said in his interview, “The song is inspired by the chants we have grown up hearing in monasteries in the North East.” 

“Hiya” means heart in Assamese. For understanding the Assamese roots better he recruited his fellow Assamese singer Shankuraj Kunwar for vocals. Saikia has composed many beautiful musics, his credits include the Hindi films Karwaan (2018) and Thappad (2020) and Assamese productions, including the short film Yugadrashta, which got him a National Award for Best Music Direction in the non-fiction category in 2013.

The beauty of North-East India is felt in the music. You can feel the breeze blowing in the mountains, the smell of Tea leaves, the villages flooded with bamboo and it’s aroma. It’s raining heavily around you. The sky is smiling at you and you are dancing. It makes you feel the roots of your own motherland.

“Hiya Tho” is just a musical translation of multiple layers of human emotions. Emotions are raw and often they lose their purity when we try to find the reasons. The song just makes you feel the flood of emotions in your heart. The essence of the song is really pure and if you really love music you can surely feel the song.

Composers like Saikia give soul to the musical industry and make it alive and beautiful, with their talents and hardwork. The song really touches your heart, you don’t need to really translate it. Listen to Hiya Tho if you haven’t, it is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Music.

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