Hasmukh Netflix Series Review : Virdas shines as Hasmukh in Dark Comedy


Hasmukh , Indian dark comedy show on Netflix that defies the way Indians think of the Web Series world. Hasmukh is probably the best series on Netflix from Indian Cinema Industry filled with a talented cast and a hard working crew whose work just shines on the screen when you watch it. Hasmukh stars Vir Das , Ranvir Shorey , Ravi Kishan and Immamulhaq.

Hasmukh is directed by Nikhil Gonsalves and primiered on Netflix on April 17 , 2020. The show’s hotness lies in Virdas – he wrote the role, wrote the jokes , adapted the jokes and played the role. It would have been unimaginable to see Virdas as a UP guy who is good in pure hindi. If you like watching crime , dark shows which have a very unique concept then you might wanna checkout Hasmukh on Netflix.

  • Overall : 7/10
  • Bananas for acting : 8/10
  • Bananas for Direction : 8/10
  • Bananas for Story : 8/10
  • Bananas for Screenplay & Cinematography : 7/10
  • Bananas for Music : 7/10
  • Bananas for Hype : 7/10
  • Bananas for Commercial Performance : 7/10

Hasmukh is co – created and co – written by Vir Das who is a stand-up comedian doing international english based shows.

The series explores an aspiring stand up comedian who is fed up of his life being a servant of a big comedian. One day , he kills his mentor and finds that he gets his feel aka feel ( a force which inspires or motivates an artist ) .

He starts killing bad people just before his acts and climbs up the ladder of success to reach the title of the King of Comedy ( Comedy Badshaho ) but he must face his circumstances that he is drowning into.

Hasmukh’s best approach is towards it’s concept and scripting. Both are very strong. The show’s acting performances are also great specially Virdas who has proven himself to be capable of transforming himself into any role. His acting really touches as well as Ranvir Shorey who has always been in the list of the most underrated talented actors of Bollywood.

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