Guru Dutt – Timeless Legend of Cinema

Guru datt

Cinema has given us many legends artists. Artists who we admire feel inspired and consider role models. When we think of the early golden era of cinema, there are lots of artists we can talk about. Still, when I think of that era, I think of a multi-talented timeless legend guru Dutt. His original name was Vasanth Kumar Padukone, which are changes to Guru Dutt. He was a trained dance and one of the most versatile and multi-talented artists of cinema. He did produce wiring, directing, and acting together, regarded as men way ahead of his time. His vision was so strong that the cinema he created still makes relevance. On his 95th birth anniversary today (July 9), let us look at the 5 of the iconic role played by the legendry artist.

5. Kalu AAR-PAAR-1954 (Lead role /Director) 

Guru Dutt plays the role of Kalu. He played an ex-convict who drives a taxi in Bombay while falling for two different women. His lover’s parents want him to earn a better living. He then meets another girl who falls in love with him, and he gets involved in her father’s crime.

This was his first successful film as a lead actor; he admirably delivers the role with vulnerability. A slight touch of arrogance, his direction was excellent in this light-hearted comedy-thriller, which you can watch on sony-liv.

4. Preetam Kumar MR. & MRS. ’55-1955 (Lead role /Director)


He plays struggling artist preetam Kumar; the movie follows a story of a struggling artist, a wealthy heiress, and her aunt. A young girl gets married. To get the money, the aunt does a false marriage. She tries to make the young girl way from marriage but slowly learns the joys of married life.

Guru Dutt effortlessly plays the role he gets under the skin so well that one cannot find the difference; the film was a comedy-drama reflection of his far-eyed vision. He left a beautiful message in the movie that needed to be learning in today’s world, where everyone forcing one to decide he gives a note to leave it to the individual. You can view this movie on youtube.

3. Atulya Chakraborty Saheb Biwi Aur Gulam 1962 (Lead Role)

Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam 5.jpg

Directed by Abrar Alvi, based on a Bengali novel, Guru Dutt plays the role of Atulya Chakraborty. The story is about the relationship of rich men, his lonely wife, and their servant. The drama movie was successful, and the music was fantastic.

Guru Dutt played both older versions of a servant in staring. Younger versions give an earnest take, where he keeps guilt and pride with his on-screen emotion and delivers another master performance; you can check this movie on youtube.

2. Vijay PYAASA (1957) (Co-Writer / Director / lead role)

Pyaasa 19.jpg

Pyassa considers as one of the finest movies in the world of cinema. Where guru Dutt plays the role of struggling poet whose life is full of a tragedy, he is homeless, jobless, and loveless. Later understand the true side of the world and leave it despite the fame.

Guru Dutt has played Vijay wonderfully, every time you see his eyes rolling, the pain of his heart the magic of the poetry he says and the aura he creates in screen space. He establishes this movie with his direction and writing, which gives a realistic take on the world. This one movie shows all aspects of guru Dutt as writer/director and actor. This is a must-watch movie you can see it on amazon prime and youtube.

1.Suresh Sinha KAAGAZ KE PHOOL 1959 ( Lead role / Director )


India’s first Cinemascope movie last movie as a director for guru Dutt, Guru Dutt, played the role of Suresh Sinha a famous Bollywood director and his relationship with a young actress, the story follows about his failing marriage, downfall, romance, and life ahead of it.

One of the biggest regrets of guru Dutt was this movie. It is said that the commercial failure of it left him shattered, professional, and personal front, after which he quit directing. The film becomes cult way later after guru Dutt died; it was based on his own life.

He plays a role of both younger and older self of Bollywood director, the way he smokes to the way he holds his expressions is impressive to watch; he delivers part so honestly that one cannot take his eyes away from his character, he shows the ego, love, failures, and guilt with his expressions beautifully. You can catch this movie on youtube.

Guru Dutt did 11 movies as an artist. He was way ahead of his time, which reflects in the cinema he created. He is the only Indian artist whose two films (pyassa and kagaz ke phool ) are in times the top 100 films of all time. In the new world, where it is essential to embrace one’s vulnerabilities, imperfection, and discouragement, the cinema of Guru Dutt holds the mirror for a real sense of reality. And through each of these fulfillment and emotions, one reaches the deduction that it doesn’t make us weak. They manifest us more considerate — one quality that can help to make a difference.

Guru Dutt is no more with us, but his reflection in we can see in the master class cinema he has created, which is timeless. His filmmaking and movies considered a textbook for filmmakers. What surprised me is how someone can be so visionary? Maybe today’s generation would have forgotten him but cannot ignore the character he lived, and showcase threw cinema.


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