Gulabo Sitabo Review : Spectacular and Iconic Ending! Must Watch


One Word For Gulabo Sitabo – SPECTACULAR DIRECTION!

Gulabo Sitabo released on June 12,2020 and stars the most iconic masterpiece performance from one of the greatest actor in Bollywood. Amitabh Bachhan is everything in Gulabo Sitabo and he shines despite his negative flaws.

Gulabo Sitabo

Mirza( Amitabh Bachhan ) is a greedy person who has lived all his life for the love of a mansion which is named after his wife Fatima Begum. There are tenants in the mansion also living.

One of the tenants is Ayushmann Khurrana who is a wheat shop owner. He has not given rent for three months.

The film explores themes such as greed, comedy, love and above all karma. The direction of Shoojit Sircar is really appreciable and he has really conveyed through shots plus camera.

The ending is what makes this film unexpected and if you wait till the end, it will make you laugh and at the same time we pity over Mirza’s condition.

There are shots in the film which really convey a deeper meaning than we think. In some of the last sequences , you’ll see Mirza again stealing a balloon. His character is always shown to be greedy. The last dialogues too.

Amitabh Bachhan is astonishing in Gulabo Sitabobo. He is the only actor among his age group who is trying difficult, challenging as well as such unique characters.

He really manages to steal audience’s pity and sometimes he grabs the hatred too.

His character is taken from real life aged people who are living in ancestral properties from fathers and their fathers.

Ayushman Khurrana is again shown in his youth character as middle class man. Nothing new in his character.

Gulabo Sitabo stars some of the best and underrated actors from Bollywood including Vijay Raaz and Brijendra Kala.

Vijay Raaz as Shukla Ji is again a charm in the film. Brijendra Kala is also one of the actors who steals the screen attention. They both are really successful in establishing themselves as corrupt government employees who are ready to take advantage of people as much as they can.

Overall, if you are into movies that are comical, slow and good ending then you should watch Gulabo Sitabo.