Ultimate 2020 Guide to Grow a Youtube Channel Fast in 5 Easy Steps!


If you want to grow a youtube channel in 2020,learning Youtube SEO & Ranking is a must to know thing in the world of youtube.If you want to grow your Youtube Channel,Get Millions of Views or Grow your Subscribers to thousands,I am here to share my Top Secret Tips from my 5+ Years Youtube Experience,success stories when i started getting thousands of views per day and Failure stories from my worst days.

Below is a list of points or tips that i have finally found the most important and helpful if you are a beginner on Youtube in 2020.

What is Youtube? *Important* Read this

I guess if you are reading this,you prabably have an idea about Youtube – a video sharing platform where anyone can upload videos and become famous just in seconds BUT IS IT REALLY SO? this definition of Youtube has now became outdated and WHY? just because Uploading a video is very easy and the chances of it getting viral are like one in a million(about a million videos are uploaded on Youtube everyday).You must have seen some clips on Youtube that have gained more than ten million views on Youtube (Uploaded about 3 or 4 years ago).The reason behind them getting viral is not strategy or planning – You need to understand this that those videos are viral because they contain something that is actually rare or at least pretending to be.Either they are very funny or they are some cute cat videos or a clickbait video at most.
If you go through the channel of these videos,You’ll see that not every video of them has grossed millions of Views and Let me tell you why so.

Why Youtube?

Youtube is growing day by day and it has a potential to grow a brand in just days or a business in months and by now,i think you might be already knowing about the fact that a major portion of the internet has now been occupied by video content.That is ,People now tend to watch a video on youtube in their past time than to go out and have some fun with their friends or relatives or to visit places(that’s a bitter truth).

Selecting a Channel Niche

Ultimate 2020 Guide to Grow a Youtube Channel Fast in 5 Easy Steps!

Choosing a unique and less competition channel category could be a difficult task as there is already a lot of competition in youtube in almost every category.You have to do your research and find a profitable niche for your channel.Some of the niches that you Shouldn’t try to make a channel on are technology related or news related.Other than these,You can come up with your own unique idea that is new to the audience and is entertaining also.

Giving Your Channel the Professionality Factor

Just imagine,if you are being given a choice to choose a pen among two pens and it will be given to you FOR FREEone is branded i.e. it has a very big brand name written and also it’s price is very high in market(and you are getting it for free if you choose to),the second one is a cheap pen i.e. it doesn’t have a brand name written on it(you will also get it for free if you choose to)-Both of them write equally good then Which one will you choose? Since you are being given any one pen for free-I can undoubtedly say that you will go for the branded one.
The same thing goes with a Youtube viewer – 90% of your viewers will subscribe you only after visiting your Channel Main Page i.e. they’ll see the thumbnails of the videos or banner or logo or the about section and then they get to know about your channel’s motive and if the Channel design is catchy enough to make him press the bell icon – You’ve Won.

Markiplier’s Youtube Channel

So the bottom line is give your youtube channel-a beautiful layout,worthy enough to attract the viewer to click the video or press the subscribe button.Now Get yourself a nice logo,banner or a thumbnail layout! If you don’t have time or skills for this work,you can contact graphic designers on Instagram who can design your channel graphics at an affordable price.

Get Average Watch Duration of More Than 40% and Above

If you are a beginner and want your video to rank on Youtube for the title keyword of your video then nothing else is as important as getting a good watch time on that video.

What is meant by Average View Duration and Watchtime of a video?

Ultimate 2020 Guide to Grow a Youtube Channel Fast in 5 Easy Steps!

When someone watches your video and Let’s say they started getting bored at 3 minute 14 seconds of a video and closed it at that moment than the view duration given by him to your video is 3 minute and 14 seconds.Now if we take average of all the time intervals when viewers started leaving your video then it will be termed as Average View duration of your Video.Now if we add all the view duration given by all the viewers on that video then this time duration (usually in hours) is called watchtime of your video.
To sum up,We can say that the average view duration of a video is a point around which people start leaving your video.Now i guess,You know why is it an important factor in ranking your videos . Youtube uses this factor to gain knowledge on whether your video is engaging or not? means whether your video is worth promoting alongside ranked videos or not?

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How to Increase Average View Duration and Watchtime of Your Video?

Basically just think like one of your viewer and you’ll get the answer.You can either start the video directly from the very first second of your video without the intro part or you can make your Intro part so much suspenseful or crazy that the viewer stays right till the end of the video.

Title,Tags/Keywords and Description? Are they Important?


Two or three years from now,Tags or keywords were literally the most important thing in getting Youtube views but In 2020 i.e. Tags don’t play such an important role besides categorizing your video. This doesn’t mean that they are not important anymore,they are still the most important factor after Watchtime .You can search for your topic on Youtube search bar and it will auto suggest you many titles and keywords that people are searching for.You just have to include those in your Description,Video Title and Tags of your Videos.That’s all about it.

Getting First 100 Subscribers On Youtube

The first proud milestone on Youtube is the 100 subscribers milestone and getting them could be way more easier for you if have a broad list of friends from school,College,Office or relatives.You just have to upload first 10 videos on your Youtube Channel and then share it to each and every person you can.

Ultimate 2020 Guide to Grow a Youtube Channel Fast in 5 Easy Steps!

In a normal day to day life,we meet around 50 to 60 people or more who can be easily added to your subscribers base if you just mention them about your channel.

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