Greenland is a film by the American director Ric Roman Waugh, released in 2020. It’s an action/apocalyptic film, following the story of John Garrity’s family, who is an architectural engineer married to Allison, they have a 7 year old son Nathan. As the comet “Clarke” approaches threatening all life on Earth, John and his family try to find a way to survive.

Sounds like a cliché disastrous film right? Well it’s not.

It definitely has some clichés but here’s what really different about this specific survival movie. It’s a simple reminder that visual effects are the least important thing in films like this.

This movie will keep you on the edge of your seat. Starting with the story that follows the three act structure, brilliantly written by Chris Sparling. The directing is tight, keeping all the cast inline and letting all their emotions out. Both stars Gerard Butler and Morena Baccarin acted out one of their best performances. And while Greenland is out in a very unfortunate time in cinema’s history, I believe it deserves a shout-out.

Greenland also speaks about American politics in some of its scenes. There are four moments in this film where our heroes were somehow at rock-bottom and are saved by people of color. First example, when Allison and Nathan are escaping from the pharmacy and they are saved by a teenager. John have met this good friend on the truck, who also defends him later on. Third scene where Allison was hopelessly standing on the highway, after getting tired of trying to stop a car, a Spanish-speaking family stops and picks her up. Fourth, when Allison arrives to the airport, and again a principal there takes care of her while they searched for Nathan. And I personally think these weren’t just a coincidence nothing is, not in the movies!

In this film the scars and wounds are caused by surrounding characters not nature. Our heroes got bruises along the way not from “Clarke” but from other characters showing how selfish, greedy and bad people can be to one another, also showing that no matter how good a character can be they still got flaws. No matter what, people should help each other, and stand together never against one another. Because at the end we’re all human. That’s what this film delivers simply and brilliantly. Greenland is going to be released on HBO on December 18 so be ready! And if you have already seen it, check out also these great survival films; The Impossible (2012,) The Jungle (2016.)

What do you think?