Gender Equality : The Most Misunderstood Topic


We live in the 21st century where everything is advancing daily. New trends are discovered daily. Daily, there is something new in the market. Science is discovering new technologies and making our life convenient. But still in this advancing life we are lagging behind by our narrow mindedness. The narrow mindedness which makes us believe that someone is inferior to us. There are many such topics in which people consider them superior to someone but today, we will talk about ‘Gender Equality’.

When talking about “Gender Equality’ people usually confine these topics among two genders, males and females but we have to understand that regardless of these two genders there is one more. Transgenders also deserve equal respect, rights and opportunities. They also have a gender which we do not accept because of our old traditions and customs. We usually cut them off as a whole while talking about anything. We make them feel alien to the society that they cannot adapt here. But, we will not do this today, this article is for everyone.

What is Gender Equality?

Gender Equality means that all people regardless of their gender should be given equal rights and opportunities. They all should be given the same treatment and no one should be considered superior to the other. Gender equality does not mean superiority over any gender, it just means to provide with the basic human rights and equal opportunities. 

Why is Gender Equality Important?

For Girls:

Even today, there are many people and many families who regard the birth of a girl as taboo. According to them, girls are a burden on their families as they get married and leave their parents to live with her husband. This theory is supported by all of them. Even the elder people in the house support this. Due to this girls in such homes face a lot of discrimination, even in small age of 10 or 12 their mother start teaching them cooking and household works making her unable to concentrate on studies. 

For Transgenders:

Girls are still accepted by society when they are born but the transgenders are not. They don’t even get the love of their mother and father and are abandoned by the family the day they are born. If the parents accept their child then after puberty when they react differently than other boys or girls as the case may be, their parents try to impose their choices on them. They even face the discrimination in school and workplace as they grow up. 

Gender equality is important for both of them as they are also a part of society. They should not be considered weaker than boys. Today, girls are also doing a great job in every field. Girls like Malala Yousafzai, Naomi Wadler, Greta Thunberg, Sunitha Krishnan and many more are doing a great job. Transgenders like Laxmi Narayan, Caitlyn Jenner, Mianne Bagger, Georgina Beyer, Hiromasa Ando and many more are well known in their fields. 

The Old Traditions Actually Strangles our Growth

No matter how advanced the society gets while talking about gender equality, they all start telling about the old customs and traditions. They actually start saying things like the women is made to cook in the kitchen, the women is not intelligent, girls cannot do Mathematics, girls cannot be heir to their father, girls cannot work in the office, girls should remember their limits, girls should not dream, girls are born to get married and become a slave to their husbands, girls are born to obey every word, etcetera, and when I ask what is the reason behind that? They would say that it is what their custom told them. Their religious saint told them that these rules are for girls. There are many villages in India who still kill the girl child in her mother’s womb. This practice is also known as female infanticide and this is secretly done in cities also. The law does not permit the parents to know the gender of their child, but illegally some  clinics and doctors do this resulting in the killing of the girl child much before her birth. If a girl is born in such families and luckily she survives, then also such people kill her mentally. They let her live, give her the basic needs, education(sometimes not even that), food, clothes and in return she has to obey all what they say. She is not treated properly, her dreams are not valuable, neither her wishes nor her ambitions. They are more cruel than the people who do the female infanticide as they kill her daily by their torture. 

Transgenders, on the other hand, when born are abandoned by their families. The people of such communities come and take the baby with them as they know that the old traditions and cultures won’t let the baby survive in this cruel world. They have made their own world, where they live as they wish. Their education suffers a lot, their dreams are not fulfilled, just because of the discrimination faced by them everywhere they go. If people will stop looking at them as if they are seeing some alien, things may start working. If they stop making them feel awkward and disgusting, things will start working well.

Why are some people unable to digest the fact of Gender Equality?

There are many people, not only males but also females who think that gender equality is not possible. They think that males are more superior to them and can work better than them. This happens because of the traditions. The women are chained to the old traditions and customs. They are not allowed to think after a certain limit. This is why they feel inferior to the males and are not able to digest the fact of Gender Equality.

On the other hand, males fear that the women can work better than them which hurts their male ego. The reason why they don’t let their wives work is not love but the ego which gets hurt if she succeeds more than them. They also regard women as dumb and weak, because her choices and decisions depend upon emotions. She keeps everything in mind. The power of women fears them and that’s the reason they can’t digest the fact of Gender Equality.

For transgenders, both of the genders regard them as untouchables. They fear that what if they prove themselves better than us. The social mockings and discriminations they face are uncountable. They think that saying someone transgender is a joke and yep everyone will laugh at this too. Try this joke, you will get the results. Transgenders are the most forbearing breed, they face so much yet they smile. That’s their strength which gives them will to survive. They are already trapped in a body they feel they don’t belong to and then we make them feel that they don’t belong to the world only. So, we should actually be proud of them. 

How to promote Gender Equality among your kids?

Discrimination starts from home, hence equality will also start from home. When you are doing some household course like washing dishes or clothes ask your sons to help. When you want something from the market ask your daughter to bring it for you. Don’t make the work specific for any of them. Let your son broom the house floor and let your daughter go to the market and bring some groceries. Also, if father and mother both work in the kitchen together, children will understand this better that no work is specific to any gender. If the father also brooms the house and starts washing clothes the children will understand that nothing is specific. If the mother also goes out and starts working then this will let the children keep in mind that both the genders can work. This will promote equality among the two genders.

Now, moving on to transgenders, if we will teach our kids that they are a part of our society then things can change. Rather than abandoning transgender infants we should make grow them with our love and blood as our other children. We should not discriminate with them. If they want a dress for themselves we should buy it for them, if they want to study design we should let them do as they wish, if they want to become engineers we should let them do as they wish. We should not become barriers in their dreams rather we should become their wings and help them fly high.

What do you think?