Fractured Netflix Film Review


Fractured is another one of the best psychological thrillers that are based on ” family vanished ” principle but what makes it a must watch is it’s ending. The ending is unsettling, horrifying and brilliantly cinematographed at the same time.

Fractured is a 2019 American psychological thriller directed by Brad Anderson who also gave the cult thriller ” The Machinist “. The film stars Sam Worthington, Lily Rabe, Stephen Tobolowsky, Adjoah Andoh and Shane Dean. The screenplay is written by Alan B. McElroy.

The music is composed by Anton Sanko, cinematographed by Björn Charpentier and edited by Robert Mead. 0
Fractured is the story of a man named ” Ray Monroe ” who is moving to Minneapolis with his wife a daughter.

The film takes a turn when on the highway, they stop by a gas station and in an accident he jumps to save his daughter. The daughter falls in a dump like area and is injured.

He and his wife takes them to the nearest hospital where both of his wife and daughter disappear into the hallway. Now, he must find out the truth about the hospital and save his family.

The direction by Brad Anderson excites through every twist and turn in the film. The camera work creates suspense from the starting to the end. Music is really upto the mark and good. You can really give it a watch if you like psychological thrillers.

Is there a Fractured 2 possible?

It can’t be said but the most possible thing could be not. There isn’t a possibility for a sequel movie. But if a sequel goes on , it can explore what happened to Ray Monroe after the end of first film.

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