Extraction 2 Confirmed! Cast, Release Date and Plot Details You Need to know

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Extraction Netflix Film

Extraction became the most watched Netflix film within the first four weeks as claimed by the giant OTT platform starring Chris Hemsworth and produced by The Russo Brothers. The action thriller is directed by Sam Hangrave. Extraction 2 is also confirmed recently by the Deadline.

The film received mix reviews – some praising the action stunts and some criticizing the acting performances. The film , however proved to be a success for the makers as well as for Netflix and they are already planning for Extraction 2.

Is Extraction 2 Confirmed?

Extraction was released on Netflix on April 24, 2020 and is currently one of the most popular films on Netflix as boasted by it on it’s Twitter account. Extraction 2 is confirmed with negotiations going on with Sam Hangrave to return to direct the spy thriller.

What will be the plot of Extraction 2 ?

Joe Russo has been added to the project’s writing part and is currently creating a script for the sequel. Extraction 2 might explore more into Tyler Take’s history as a prequel or maybe he is sent on a new extraction mission. And if the latter prevails , we might see an Extraction franchise exploring Tyler Take’s mercenary missions.

When will the trailer for Extraction 2 trailer?

The trailer is not ready yet without even a single piece of footage from the sets. The film has not gone to pre production and only the announcement has been made.

Is Tyler Rake still alive ?

Yes, Tyler Rake is alive because the official makers have announced a sequel for the film which means the shadow we saw in the Extraction climax was Tyler Rake sitting beside Ovi Mahajan’s swimming pool.

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About Extraction Netflix Film

Extraction is a 2020 Action Thriller Netflix film starring Thor fame Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake and Rudraksh Jaiswal as Ovi Mahajan. Tyler is sent on a mission to extract Ovi from a Bangladeshi drug Lord who kidnapped him out of a rivalry. The film is produced by Avengers Endgame directors The Russo Brothers. Check out our review of Extraction movie here.


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