Doctor Sleep Movie Review : A Fascinating but Lengthy Horror Thriller!


Mike Flanagan is one of the directors of Hollywood who know how to make a movie gripping and scaring till the very last moment. With the adaptations of Stephen King’s novels , he has shown what he is capable of. Doctor Sleep is the sequel to Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining and is based upon the book written by Stephen King in 2013.

Doctor Sleep is edited, directed and written by Mike Flanagan and music has been given by The Newton Brothers.

Doctor Sleep connects with the events that happened in ” The Shining ” and explores the after story of Danny the child who has a special mental ability called ” The Shine “. Danny is trying to save a girl with the same powers from a cult called The True Knot.

Doctor Sleep Movie Review : A Fascinating but Lengthy Horror Thriller!

In The Shining , Danny was 5 years old when he went to his parents to The Overlook Hotel where things go wrong and his father is possesed by evil. Danny escapes with his mother from the hotel but cannot overcome the trauma.

Danny is now a full grown man who is living an ordinary life until one day he hears the voice of a girl like him. He must save her from the people who are coming to eat humans like Danny and Abra.

Some of the scenes in the film are very fantastically arranged to look exactly the same along with Lloyed , the bartender. The Overlook Hotel is again seen in the film which will meet it’s end this time.

The set , music and direction of this film is great and Mike Flanagan is worthy of a great round of applause. His film ” Gerald’s Game ” is rated a must watch on our website.

Doctor Sleep Movie Review : A Fascinating but Lengthy Horror Thriller!

The screenplay is nice and editing is not so much great perhaps it could have been better if it were not Flanagan.

Overall, the film is a nice weekend scary movie of the ” Vampire Hunter ” or ” Zombie Hunter ” kind of genre.

Doctor Sleep was released on November 8, 2019. Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino recently said Doctor Sleep is one of the best film of the year.

The film grossed a $72 million dollars worldwide with a budget of $45 million which a was a little disappointing for a movie which got critically praised worldwide for it’s atmosphere and acting performances. However, some critics were not happy with theong duration of the film.

King’s other novel based films were released the same year and did a great business – IT chapter 2 and Pet Sematary.