The Last Dance of True Performer Sushant Singh Rajput – Dil Bechara Review


We all love and praise the world of cinema and the people related to it, it is magical and complex and inspiring due to many individuals and their journeys. One such energize, and the inspiring journey was of charming young talent Sushant Singh Rajput, a true performer. It’s been a month since he left this world. Death was a massive shock and tragedy, not only for his fans and peers but also for the world.

The disheartening and alarming part sees a few people who are exploiting and enchasing such a situation for their interests and resentment. It’s despondent to see many forget the salient part: lost a true Performer, a tremendous talent who was magnificent and quintessential at the craft as an artist. He has entertained us, made us emotional, made us laugh, and most preeminently inspired us in countless ways personally and professionally. In life, one can speak about failure, and one can talk about glory. Sushant spoke both personally and artistically.

The last time we watched Sushant on the screen was when he played the duo character of a young fun engineering student and caring father, Aani, which was both critical and box office success and dacoit in search of solace Lakhna, sadly one only got critical, but Sushant was brilliant in both.

No one thought we will see the Sushant on screen at home instead of the big screen, but the good part can see him last in the form of Dill Bechara, an official adoption and remake of fault in our stars. Manny (Sushant Singh Rajput ) is a cheerful young man with fun and courage inside despite suffering from cancer and staying in jamshedpur.he have a friend named JP (Sahil Vaid) who is also suffering from eye cancer. He meets Kizzie, a young girl with thyroid cancer. She walks around with an oxygen cylinder. Manny instantly falls for her and starts impressing her. She is a fan of the songwriter name Abhimanyu Veer and loves his incomplete song, ‘I’m yours.’ It is her ardent desire to meet the singer, but all her attempts to trace him have not helped. Although she knows un-expectancy of her life, she still wants to live life as normally as possible.

Manny enters Kizzie’s life like a burst of sunshine. The two soon hit it off. Manny decides to fulfill her dream of meeting her favorite singer, he decides to take her to Paris. Then we see the tragedy of life Kizzie falls seriously ill. However, love for Manny that helps her recover fast. In Paris, they meet a singer who is not at his best behavior, and when they ask why he didn’t complete, he tells her about the reality of life. Manny promises to complete the song. Once they return to India, Manny’s cancer spreads, and he gets hospitalized as his conditions deteriorate. If you have read the book or seen a movie, you already know how it’s going to shape in the end.

The Last Dance of True Performer Sushant Singh Rajput –   Dil Bechara Review

Know as casting director Mukesh Chhabra has made an impressive debut with the flick, his work captures every detail of this strange and unique relationship showcasing with reality. In story cancer plot not use as drama but as a realistic approach. Fim has kept it short and sweet 100 minutes, which benefits. There is simplicity in the narrative, which tugs at your heartstrings. The lovely city of Jamshedpur is a character in itself, thanks to the brilliant cinematography by Setu. 

A.R. Rahman has composed the music for Dil Bechara, which gives a deep voice to cast. The melodious tunes of the album in songs like Taare Ginn or Khulke Jeena, Sanjana Sanghi and Sushant Singh’s favorite track and the title song are loved and a massive hit.

Sushant delivers another role where he gets into the character’s skin; the performance is so simple yet magical that it will sock you in with his performance. He plays Immanuel Rajkumar junior quintessential romantic hero. The way he smiles the way he gets emotional is impressive, and his incredible dancing skill in the title song adds another maestro in his list. Debutant Sanjana Sanghi makes a sparkling and excellent, lightning up every scene she appears in. With her clam and expressions, she delivers the emotion of suffering from ease, supporting cast Sahil Vaid, Saswata Chatterjee, and Swastika Mukherjee have done remarkable jobs.

The Last Dance of True Performer Sushant Singh Rajput –   Dil Bechara Review

The movie has few fascinating trivia which speaks a bit about Sushant personally and professionally.

The fantastic title song of the film is getting all love and praise, especially for the extraordinary dance of Sushant Singh Rajput, surprisingly it’s delivered in one short by him, which shows how remarkable he was in the form of dancing.

It was a dream of Mukesh Chhabra to direct a film; he was the one who introduces Sushant in Bollywood by casting him in his first film and Sushant made him promise that he will lead when he introduces himself as director. In light of fame where many promises don’t get delivered, Sushant was a man of his world, which shows how honest and committed he was.

A few scenes in Sushant are seen wearing a NASA T-shirt and Jokes about him being an astronaut, one of the facts is it was one of his passions of understanding the universe, and it was his dream to send 100 kids to NASA for workshops.

The movie is now on disny+hotstar, who have played a great tribute to Sushant by keeping it open for all audiences. It has a beautiful message on hope, love, selflessness, and reality. This is not just a film; it’s an emotion that one should keep attaching in the corner of heart, surely it’s painful. It’s one of those songs that takes you to certain moments but still, forever, is a part of the playlists.

We all know he was unbounded talent; he was one of the most assiduous actors of his generation, contemplating the perfections and silences of his performances. His belief in hard work and the unending opportunities it will propose. His short but stellar filmography is the result of his zeal. He is no more with us in this world; maybe he is in a better place.

We should never forget the ‘inevitable,’ as we will lose everything eventually. So, why worry over any kind of securities? The idea is to just fly and experience it while it last or just performing living in the present moments – Sushant Singh Rajput.

The Last Dance of True Performer Sushant Singh Rajput –   Dil Bechara Review

One will always be able to feel his ethos and presence in characters he played and lived. Rather than showing hate and anger over something that can’t fill the gap, we all should come to gather and celebrate the last dance of true performer – Sushant Singh Rajput.


  1. I didn’t knew who this guy was until it came in news , evry since that I am being reading about it sometimes.. it’s very amezing to see you have point the good things about the men . Pay the respect by showing his work .

    True we all should kill the noise and celebrate his last Time .

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