Death: A Mythical Journey!


We all will die, one day or the other, we have come in this world for a specific period and we can not live forever. No one was, no one can and no one will be able to live here forever. Death is a truth, we all have to die.

We think death is an end, yes it is but not exactly, death is actually a journey into a new world. A new life, it’s a life which your soul lives, therefore your body’s ability does not matter. It’s only your soul and soul is actually you. The voice we left unheard when we are doing something wrong is actually our soul’s voice. 

When you are sad or fighting with something, your soul talks to you. It advises you, it loves you, because in reality you have three paths one which you, your soul choses, second is the one your mind choses and the third is chosen by your heart. Mind is not the actual voice neither is the heart, it’s actually your soul, the determination, the knowledge, the guilt, the discipline, this is all in your soul and once the soul leaves the body your body stops feeling them.

Science tells us about the different hormones we have inside which produce emotions but when a person dies does that hormone of them work? No because soul is actually the energy for your body and without soul you cannot feel these things in your body. There’s actually three sides of yours, one you show up to the world, second you show up to the people you love and the third you show up to yourself. 

The third you is actually the real you. The one you know who is actually gentle, emotional or kind, but you cover them up and don’t show it because this world can misuse you and it does. The fear of being left alone is the darkest fear any social animal can have. That’s why we hide ourselves under a gleaming cloak which covers all our dark side and we wear it, sometimes, for lifetime and sometimes we find someone who removes it and finds us!

But in all this we have to die, and the question is should we grieve? Well, yes, why shouldn’t we when the people you love leaves you, how will you overcome them without grieving upon them? Hiding only hurts, burying deep in your heart only hurts! But when you cry you release those stresses. Tears are a way to release stress, and they actually are a gift. You will be astonished to know that a weak person cannot cry. It actually takes a strong person to release stress. Crying helps, so even if you think it’s weakness, cry, cry alone, your two hands are always there to wipe them up.

Death actually makes you strong. You start to live without the person and God takes someone away before they become a misery for you. So, be patient, these feelings of grief will end up, one day, and you don’t have to cry then. Deaths are not meant to be questioned, they are just meant to make you strong!