Deadpool 3 Release Date, Cast and Expected Plot


Deadpool is one of the most beloved anti hero and the films have been doing a good business despite being R- rated. Deadpool 2 was released on May 1, 2018. The first film came in 2016 and was a huge box office success whereas the second one also did a better than average business. The gap betweeen the two films was about 2 years and 2020 is here but still we lack any information regarding the shooting of the film. Deadpool 3 has not started filming yet and it is in pre production work. They are working on the idea and when they will get it, we hope we will get to see the comic dark yet funny antihero.

Marvel has acquired Fox’s Tv and Film properties in March 2019 so our hero is now an official part of the MCU. It will be a different experience this time watching Deadpool on screen. Deadpool 3 is going to make a way for the entrance of mutants in to the MCU.

Deadpool 3 release date

According to Ryan Reynolds, the film has not started yet and it take a while to get the idea about the third film. Although the film is assured to be made, but the dates can go as far as 2022 to 2023. Marvel has a long list of release date slots in 2023. Many of the Marvel films have been delayed so it is obvious that this delay will add up to the release of Deadpool 3. If hopefully, everything goes well and the pandemic is over – the film will start production and could be expected somewhere in 2022.

Deadpool 3 Cast

Deadpool 2 introduced a lot of characters into the mutant universe and many of them didn’t even survived till the post credit scenes. Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson is going to reprise his role as Deadpool in the threequel. Domino (Zazie Beetz), Weasel (T.J. Miller), and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) are sure to be seen in the upcoming film. Josh Brolin as Cable will add to the film’s profit. There are no official announcement till now regarding any new addition to the cast. Not to forget Wade Wilson’s girlfriend Vanessa.

Deadpool 3 Expected Plot

The ending of Deadpool 2 showed the time machine has been fixed and Ryan Reynolds also said that this one is going to be different from the first two so could it mean that we are going to see time travel in Deadpool third part? Cable can join or bring up some new villain. There have been many rumours regarding Deadpool 3 having a Tom Holland’s Spider Man cameo. Nothing is definite currently and there are a lot of fan theories.

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