Dark Season 4 Happening? What Will Netflix Do With Dark?


Dark Season 3 is going to hit screens on 27 June 2020, Mark the calendar and get ready for an ultimate goosebump thriller which will drive you crazy till the very last second.

Ever since the trailer of Dark Season 3 was released, Fans have been curious to know whether the mind bending time travel drama will continue or not!

The season 3 of Dark ended it’s shoot in December 2019 and with that the creators of the show also said that this could be the last and final season but here’s a thing.

Dark has now made it’s space in the top 10 Netflix shows which is why there is still a possibility that a company as greedy as Netflix will try it’s very hard to do something for keeping the Dark audience.

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Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, the creators have already finalised that the upcoming season of Dark is going to be the final and last.

They also said that they have always planned Dark to be a trilogy and nothing else. Well, It is always believed a good thing for historical praise of a show to become “ great ” by making things in a trilogy.

This trilogy thing started with The Godfather to The Lord of The Rings, Sam Raimi’s Spiderman to the Hobbit and from the Matrix to the Batman.

The only way Netflix can keep the Dark Audience is by giving them a spin off of the show or a sub plot series related to it.

This series could be based upon another set of events that were effected by the same apocalypse shown in Dark. This might be the only way Netflix can continue Dark.

If you are wondering why I called Netflix Greedy is because it has already ruined series’ as good as Money Heist and 13 Reasons Why by continuing multiple seasons.

The actual truth is Money Heist would have been a masterpiece show if it was only limited to the first 2 seasons ( or first 3 at most ) and 13 Reasons Why should have remained steady at only one season.

I wish for some kind of spinoff to Dark but at the same time I don’t want Netflix to ruin this series by bringing a season 4 of no worth.