Dark Season 3 Trailer: What to Expect from the Series Finale?

Dark Season 3 Review

Dark Season 3 Trailer released today and looks more mind bending than ever. The show is going to deliver it’s last performance in the final season where things are seeming to look pretty much more tensed and puzzled.

In the trailer released today, we can safely come to a conclusion that this season is going to be more Martha’s version than Jonas. We hardly had a glimpse of Jonas in the trailer.

Martha is shown the most in the trailer which clarifies our one of the theories about Dark Season 3 which said that β€œ Martha is Jonas in her world.”

The trailer has some desert footage and Adam again chanting at Jonas about β€œ everything will go as timed and the end is the beginning of all”.

One thing is clear from the trailer that Martha knows and Jonas together are going to solve and find out where these mind bending time travel story began.

One of the scenes show that maybe it all started on the very first frame in season 1 when Jonas wakes up from his nightmares.

I think Bartosz is going to play a more important role in this one and also we hope that our theory about him being the father of Noah proves to be true.

Dark Season 3 will also end up where it all started that is , the very first episode of season 1. Adam is also seen giving his teachings about life and Jonas angry at him for being so bad.

There is a scene in the trailer in which it is said that everything will go on as it always has, does it mean that inspite of the struggles Jonas and Martha are going through – they will fail eventually against Time?