Dark Season 3 Review ( Non-Spoiler ): The End is the Beginning!

Dark Season 3 Review

Dark Season 3 is now available to watch on Netflix and so is the final season of the much-awaited time travel thriller that left viewers scratching their heads for a little time just to figure out who is who. Read below the non-spoiler Dark Season 3 review.

Normally what happens is sequels and parts tend to lose the momentum season per season but this doesn’t happen with Dark Netflix series. 

It only gets better. The show’s acting performances throughout have been spectacular and heart touching as well. The main lead Louis Hoffman along with the guy playing Ulrich Nielson have been my personal favorites. 

The ending is surely gonna be the one which takes the audience thinking about for days. And to digest, the fact that this is the end is going to be hard to swallow a pill for die-hard sci-fi thriller fans.

One can easily watch them on-screen for as long as possible. Speaking of the performances in season 3, no one disappoints. But there have been characters that I thought would have a larger role than expected. One of the few characters will turn up to be one of the biggest surprises.

The music score is again mesmerizing and sometimes breaks us into tears. Ben Frost, you are a gem-like Hans Zimmer-I respect you now literally the same as Zimmer. Really, Ben Frost should work on more Hollywood epic sci-fi thrillers. 

It is to no surprise that the show’s creators were building all of the mess in Season 1& 2 to reach this epic conclusion. The final two episodes are just what Adam was literally trying to tell us over and over again i.e. – “Everything is connected”. We will be getting a satisfying answer to questions that were born in our minds since the very first episode. It seems like all of the happenings were already planned for a bigger end of the beginning.

The last season closes up with a frame that has Martha 2.0 taking Jonas 1.0 to somewhere. The story picks up from there and untangles more and more twists and surprises.

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Dark Season 3 not only questions our very own detective work to determine who is who, but It also speaks for love, hope, guilt, and hate. The condition of Ulrich shown throughout the show is one of the best interpretations of what limits a father can go in order to just have a glimpse of his son. It also shows how Hanna was always trying to find love outside her world and through different times even when she had a son and a husband.

Claudia is traveling the past, present, and the future in order to save her daughter Regina but she is constantly reminded that whatever has happened will happen eventually. It also focuses on the love of Martha and Jonas who is the only ones in the hope to change THINGS. That is the only part that makes the viewers hopeful too. We want to watch it and watch it over again in a hope that there might be an alternate possibility episode hidden between the transitions.

The most important and astonishing part about Dark season 3 and other seasons as well as Its long-form storytelling. This kind of screenplay confuses the audiences for hours even after completing the show. To carry out a show so perfectly, which have been a disaster if a little mistake in the details – is one of the many reasons Baran Bo Odar and Friese will be among those talented creators who will be talked about for ages because of this absolute masterpiece.     

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