Dark Season 3 Release Date, Plot and Trailer Details


Dark Season 3 has been one of the highly anticipated season of the German Sci-fi Thriller which takes place in Winden. The season 1 & season 2 of Dark series on Netflix have gathered a large audience with it’s quality and breathtaking storyline. The show is written with such complex and minute details that the moment you watch the very first episode you complete binge the whole show in the next two days.

When is Dark Season 3 releasing on Netflix?

The show’s first season made it’s Netflix debut in December 2017 while the second season took almost a year and half and was released on June 21, 2019. The third and the final season of Dark is being unofficially set to release on June 27, 2020 – the date on which the apocalypse happened in the show. The day everything changes in the show.

The show has always been planned as a trilogy so this will be the final season. The show could have taken time as observed from previous patterns but the shoot for this one got over by December 2019 so the show is in editing process. Hopefully, Netflix had already planned for the lockdown with enough shows.

What will be the plot of Dark Season 3 ?

The season 2 of Dark ended with a very big surprise. Just when we started to think that we are getting to know the show, the writers threw another twist at us with an alternate world Martha coming to save young Jonas in the apocalypse.
The third season will explore the backstory of Alexander – Regina’s husband and the nuclear plant owner. Also , the season will mainly focus on Alternate world Martha and young Jonas trying to stop and change Old Jonas from ending the world.

This season will also throw light on the story behind Elizabeth and Chaorlette being fixed in a complex paradox where technically they both are mothers of each other. It will tell us how Noah met Elizabeth and what happens to Peter Doppler, Claudia, Regina and Elizabeth because they were the only ones to survive the apocalypse. We also don’t know about what happened to Jonas’ mother Hannah – whether she returned to present or not?

When will the trailer for Dark Season 3 arrive?

The trailer can be expected two weeks before the actual release of the show so if we take June 27, 2020 to be the official date then the trailer for the third season can be expected to be released around mid June.

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