Dark Season 3 Possible Theories That Will Blow Your Mind!


Ever since Dark Season 3 released its announcement trailer, Fans have been hurting their brains thinking about the possible outcomes of all the mess in Winden and what could the ending of Dark Season 2 mean? We’ve gathered a lot of fan theories about possible conclusions to the Winden story.

Dark season 3 announcement trailer

1)The new Martha is the protagonist in her world 

Dark Season 3 Possible Theories That Will Blow Your Mind!

Just like Jonas is going through a lot of trouble ever since his father left him, There is a possibility that the same circumstances happened with the new Martha from the new world as she says “ The question isn’t when but which world! ”. This sentence says it all that may be in her world, Martha is Jonas and Jonas is Martha. I know the time travel was already confusing enough for the audience and now comes this alternate reality theory.

2) Jonas and Martha are Adam and Eve

Dark Season 3 Possible Theories That Will Blow Your Mind!

This can be one thing for sure that Adam has a plan way bigger than Time and he wants to come out of Time. He already said that his intention is to declare a war on time. This means he is planning to end the world and start a new one with the Martha that appeared in the last scene and together they can start a new world and be Adam and Eve.

3) Winden will Never Exist

This is one of the easiest ways for the makers to end the show and put a conclusion to the mind bending series. Somehow, all of the happenings in Season 3 will reset the world without Winden and so there will be no time travel and hence a better world.

Maybe this is the only way to a better beginning. Also Ulrich was shown saying these words , “ I wish Winden never existed ”. This sentence of Ulrich Nielson might have more importance than it is given.

4) Noah is Bartosz’s Son

One of the most curious questions throughout the whole two seasons was who is actually Noah? What is his existence? This can be a possible thing and also a mind bending twist if it really follows. And if it happens, there is no surprise because we already know about Charlotte and her daughter – they are also each other’s child technically. Maybe Noah always knew Bartosz is his father and that’s why he has taught things about Time travel to him. This theory will make Bartosz the actual person who started this all.

5) Claudia and Noah are not that Bad

Claudia Tiedermann took an oath to change all of the events that are happening but she couldn’t and the same was with the stranger. Noah was also shown as the guy who was following Adam blindly and at the end he realized that Adam can stop things from happening but he is not doing anything. He is dead now. But we know that his childhood version is still out there. 

Dark Season 3 Possible Theories That Will Blow Your Mind!

Currently, this series has left us curious with loads of questions to ask and I think the makers will answer every confusion caused by the series. Till then, All we can do is wait for Dark Season 3 to be released on Netflix. 

Don’t forget the day of the apocalypse and the release of Dark Season 3 which is June 27, 2020.